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O he also has a slightly rashy face (bumpy). DS1 had a full body red pinprick type rash, but it took me longer to figure his allergy out.
My 3 week old DS is having screaming fits in the evening (2 hours almost nonstop).  He also has slimy poo, but we had a stomach virus go through the household 2 weeks ago and he got it, so might still be from that (?) No allergy ring yet and no bloody stool. My older DS was allergic to dairy, soy, and eggs as an infant, and is still allergic to eggs (at 2.5yrs). With having a family history of allergies ( I also have 2 cousins with kids that have dairy allergies) I...
hmm thats hard, my mom raised us in a green lifestyle.  One thing I do that I dont remember her doing, is using cloth rags instead of paper towels
LOL.  Update: Its been about 3 weeks (if my messed up sense of time is right) and no signs of problems. I did do an egg trial (accidentally ) and egg still bothers him, he got fussy and spit-up a lot and today I got the slimy diaper from it. So still cautiously optomistic, but its looking good about dairy.
My 3yr old DD is suddenly scared of her room too.  We tried staying in her room until she fell asleep and it worked, but she didn't get over it and we'd end up being in there for at least an hour until she fell asleep. After a few weeks it got to be too much (especially with a new baby) so finally we tried making her do it without us and she was shaking she was so upset/scared. As of right now we moved her mattress into our room and she sleeps on it in our room. Don't...
We use cotton fitteds and I put 2 doublers in at night.  Well the past week or so DS has been peeing through it. First I pulled the wool cover out and that helped, but he is still dripping wet in the morning so I added a 3rd doubler.  Still not enough!  (The diapers are on their second child so they're a little worn out.)  I don't want to get different diapers for nighttime, but I think I'm in need of some new/different doublers. What brands/fabrics do you use?
I'm pretty sure the fussiness is teething, he has two that will probably poke through in the next day or two. Hopefully it will subside after that and I can be sure whether its due to teething or not.
I cut dairy out when he was 1month, so its been almost 5months dairy free. I did have an accident one day (I think he was 2.5 or 3 months) and had something that was cooked with milk in it and he had a spot of blood in his diaper later that day.  Previously he had bloody, mucousy diapers, was very fussy, and had a full body red pinprick rash.  I did a trial very similar to what you suggested and we haven't had a problem yet, normal diapers, no rash, he fussy but he has...
Sorry I guess I didn't clarify that correctly.  I would only introduce the yogurt if he didn't react to the dairy in my diet.  And I wouldn't introduce it immediately, just wondered if there was  a certain amount of time I should wait to let his digestive tract/immune system mature.
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