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I stay at home with my son so I can't help you there, but welcome to Augusta!
Get in touch with Evelyn Conrad.  She is a doula.  I was planning on doing it with mine but never got around to it, but I think that she knew of someone who does it.
Any thoughts on Augusta?
Can your midwife or your caseworker help you?  I was in the same boat, but ended up transferring to the hospital in the end so the hospital took care of a lot.  I called my caseworker the day after he was born, and I think that I had to send in his birth certificate and his ss card once they came in, but it's kinda hazy now almost a year later.  Congrats on your little one :)
I agree.  Why was it terrible for those babies, but fine for her own?
Yesterday we were spending time with my mother in law and her sister.  I was changing my baby's diaper, and her sister said "you're so lucky that you didn't have to have him circumcised."  I just said something about how it wasn't my decision to make, it's his body, something like that.  My mother in law was a nurse in Canada back in the 50's/60's, and she used this opportunity to tell us this story.  She was doing her rotations and had to spend 2 weeks in the nursery,...
  Are you on Facebook?  Look up Central Street Farmhouse.      
I'm right by Houlton.  Bangor is better, but The County isn't tooooo awful.
Yeah, it's pretty close!
I saw Andrea throughout my pregnancy and planned on birthing in the birth suite- had to transfer to EMMC after 24 hours of labor though. She was wonderful and I loved her.
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