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I don't know if it's gone, but I know I've tried several times to join Laura Shanley's forums with no success.  :( 
what about using superglue? I've heard that can be an option
“I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Twitter and/or Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads  Challenge!”  
No, he wakes up several times to eat still. He's in an Arm's Reach co-sleeper beside our bed.
Congrats!! And good for you nursing after a reduction, that's got to be tough but I'm so glad to hear you're fighting for it!
I'm due this Friday and I'm not quite ready for mine to come out either. We moved last summer and haven't bothered doing much with any of the bedrooms since then so we've been working on them for weeks now. which means the bedrooms are looking pretty good but the living room and kitchen are kind of the dumping grounds between upstairs and basement so they are a DISASTER. I just need baby to wait until maybe Monday or so, so we have the weekend to finish up. Plus I'm...
I would buy the Keyfits and use them until they are outgrown. You will need infant seats anyway, and from what I understand babies are safest in bucket seats. Then you will have time to save for the TrueFits when they outgrow the Keyfits.
I'm getting mine encapsulated by a local lady who does it as a home business. She charges 175$(Canadian)and includes pick up and delivery, and a print if you want. I don't see how the midwives could not "let" you have it, it should be your property.. it was part of your body.
Chapstick, headband, camera + charger.
I will probably try to rest but won't be able to :P As for last minute chores... that will be DH's job!
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