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I think carefully about our goodie bags and crafts. My favorite party was a luau. Our goodie bags had tie dyed t-shirts and our craft was to decorate a picture frame with assorted shells. That was two years ago and I still see the frames when we go on a playdate! I'm working on plans for a "bug" party right now and I got cute bug finder kits at Target for $1.99 each. My DDs and their friends are always searching for bugs outside, so I think they will love these. ...
That quilt sounds great! It would be cute to have each child draw a picture of themselves! My dd's preschool does that and prints them onto t-shirts and their little self-portraits are hysterical - soooo precious and adorable!
A wooden rocking chair with their handprints painted onto it. It was a huge hit at our school auction and an unfinished chair can be purchased for little money.
Good for you for going and sounds like a great dentist! I would also love to hear about your diet and how you healed the cavities! That's great!!!
We like this website ... http://hubbardscupboard.org/
I've been told it is extra calcium in the joints? That said, I have a labral tear in one of my hip joints and that joint pops all.the.time!
Had them and hated them. Always looked sloppy. Fabric quality and color was great though!
I usually work out after they go to bed, but a few times recently I have taken my older DD to school, come home and let my younger DD eat breakfast in bed while I jumped on the treadmill or exercise bike. My exercise equipment is in my bedroom, so she sits on the bed, eats and chats with me. It's been really fun for us to just talk, though sometimes I read to her from the exercise bike. She is thrilled to eat her breakfast in my bed!
What types of activities does he normally enjoy? You can have theme days, such as red day or backwards day or pajama day. You can pull out all sorts of art supplies and make gifts and decorations. Make Valentine's Day cards. Bake and decorate cookies. Indoor picnics. Make homemade playdough. Fingerpaint.
Yes, but only after my second pregnancy! However, I have always had indoor, outdoor and pet allergies, so adding the food was not so shocking. It's strange for me to carry an epi-pen and not be able to order foods I always loved.
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