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One NYE, I cook a ton of food (lots of snacky foods, like homemade potato skins and chicken wings) and we play a new game and watch a new movie. This year we're starting a new tradition for NY Day. We're going to make calendars with drawings of the activities we want to do in the upcoming year.
We did it! We did it at home and older DD celebrated at school as well. At home he left us craft and baking supplies and at school he left candy canes and shiny pennies! It was fun.
She is sooooo adorable!
I am so sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my thoughts.
If it's a collage, can you put in more than one pic of the kid? If the mismatched outfit pic is a really cute pic otherwise, especially if she's in the pic with her friends or working on a special project, I think it's fine to include it ... not in a spiteful way ... I would also include a pic of her in a more flattering outfit. This thread has me wondering what people say about my DD. She would never wear a Diva shirt, but she does wear cute, coordinating outfits. ...
I got a roll of white paper and my girls drew pictures on it. We also did this last year and everybody loved it. They drew on some, stamped on others, painted on others ... lots of fun for them and family loves to look at their designs.
Perfect for the green beans ... sweet potatoes you can probably do only 8 if they are the really large ones. Do you like pumpkin? I have a recipe like whoopie pies except they are pumpkin instead of chocolate with cream cheese frosting. Adults and kids love them ... If you think good old whoopie pies just can't be improved upon, just wait until you try these: pumpkin cookies filled with fluffy cream cheese frosting. They're guaranteed to be a popular new addition to...
OMG yes - those terrible dog farts! She's afraid of farting, so when she farts, she then flies across the room and cowers in fear. It's a riot! Except she's usually at my feet, which means she's farts, runs, and leaves me in her stinky cloud ... :
My dog was recently diagnosed with a thyroid condition and is now on medication for it. The past few months she really started to pack on the pounds before she was diagnosed. In her thinner, slimmer days, if she was accidentally shut in the basement she would just walk through the cat door the previous homeowners had installed. Now she's too fat so she just sticks her head out the cat door and whines until somebody realizes she was shut downstairs. I know it's not...
Elowyn, LOL we also had 13 and then somebody asked to bring a guest - so now we're 14. Whew! I am flying through my prep work. I feel like hosting holidays gets easier each time I do it! The first year I was a wreck ... now it's Thanksgiving #6 and I'm all calm and organized.
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