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Ruth, can you thicken your gravy with arrowroot starch? Is that gluten free? That's what we use. I use it in anything that calls for cornstarch.
I have my serving pieces and table linens out and washed and ready to go ... cranberry sauce is cooling ... one dessert is started ... By the end of tonight the house will be cleaned (other than the kitchen) and a couple of my recipes will be made. Tomorrow I do the bulk of my cooking.
We just got in from playing in the snow! My 2 year old had a blast! I'm in NE Mass, just minutes from the NH border. I saw a few flakes yesterday but this is really sticking! Craft idea ... make snowmen out of salt dough and when they dry you can decorate them! You can add glitter (white or silver) to the salt dough and it will be sparkly when dry. I still have the first salt dough snowman family my older DD made three years ago! So cute!
Appetizers - Pancetta, sage and shallot stuffed mushrooms Prosciutto, provolone, roasted pepper and spinach stromboli Spinach dip with assorted dippers Fried ravioli Sweet and sour chicken wings Soup - Calvados-laced roasted squash soup with cinnamon cream Salad - Seasonal orchard salad with candied walnuts, bleu cheese, dried cranberries and a balsamic vinagriette Dinner - Turkey, stuffing and gravy Lasagna Corn pudding Green bean casserole Candied...
Just wanted to add ... there is a definite connection here with accidents ... although my older child will have pee accidents and my younger child will have poop accidents when they have an accidental exposure.
Never! Which is ironic since I live by my day planner to keep up with all the school, dance and social functions! I guess I never bother to look at the number, just what is written for the day!
Dry, hacking cough Frequent swallowing/clearing throat Itchy skin Appetite loss
I love Williams Sonoma cookbooks. The Food Made Fast series is great. The pasta one is my favorite. I collect cookbooks so have A LOT.
A nice wooden easel, a roll of paper, paints, stencils, kid-safe decorative scissors. I bought some funky paint brushes at a children's museum - a set of three - one had loops of yarn, one had bits of foam - real fun. A tub of cookie cutters and some homemade playdough. A puppet theater and a bin of puppets. Children's cookbooks with aprons and kid-sized cooking utensils.
Please excuse my terrible behavior. To tease with a yummy chocolate treat and not provide the recipe is simply unthinkable. Here you go, ladies! Enjoy! Oh the recipe SAYS it makes 10 servings but trust me, you can eat this is way less than 10 sittings! Also, I'm a milk chocolate girl so I usually use milk chocolate chips instead. TO DIE FOR GOOD! Think chocolate-covered-pretzel-good with the salt and the sweet and the crunch and the butter ......
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