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My husband calls me Safety Woman. I have an alarm and I keep it on when I'm home alone with the girls! You can never be too safe! My 4 year old is turning into a mini safety monitor and it's driving my husband up a wall. Me, I'm proud of her!
OMG I can't even walk by a window at night unless the blinds are closed. The horror of looking out a dark window and having a creepy stranger there! : I would be having nightmares for ages! Heck, I think I'm going to have nightmares just reading this! Stay safe!
They lock automatically, but if they did not, I would definitely always lock them.
Nice, safe neighborhood, but doors always locked and alarm often on too! It's different on the weekends when my DH is home, but when he's at work and I'm alone with the girls, I get a bit nervous.
AC Moore ... I saw some today! Very pretty!
I've moved them about six times and finally love where I have them. Most of the diapers are stored in a bench in our dining room. We have this great bench with a huge storage area built into the seat. You can't see the diapers, they are near the playroom where I usually change her and also near the bathroom where the diaper pail is. I also have some diapers in a basket in my bedroom along with another diaper pail.
I was at the craft store with my 4-year-old and we picked up a wreath and a garland of fall leaves. We wrapped the garland around the wreath and are going to take a nature walk and collect pinecones and acorns. She wants to paint them with glitter and glue them onto the wreath. My SIL is a florist and she makes great bows so I'm hoping to see her soon so she can make us a bow!
We went to an "adults only" wedding last weekend and the first thing the bride asked me was where my daughter was. Daughter, not daughters. The groom is my younger daughter's Godfather. She only asked where my older daughter was. She even had a bag with her name on it filled with goodies like playdoh, stickers, coloring supplies. Neither child was on the invitation ... the invite was addressed to just my husband and I ... it specifically said "adults only" and we...
That's a great deal!!!
Somehow mine always goes bad before we can finish it. I've tried a few different ways, but nothing has worked so far! We're huge corn bread fans and I hate throwing some away! (Guess I could just eat more when I first make it! :LOL )
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