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Yes, Lynn Wilson is with sterling sharpe pediactrics on Monticello road in Columbia.
Baby Phoebe was also born early morning on Feb 13. Are we being effected by the winter storm and coming full moon? I had been having contractions on and off since Monday night but they were mostly mild and only 10-20 minutes apart, less than a minute long. My midwife came to stay with us just to be safe, since we were expecting severe winter weather. The days came and went and then Wednesday evening we lost power. We decided to stay with a friend but didn't unload our...
My due date was the 3rd. My first baby was a week early, second was two weeks early but this one is still hanging out!
That's awesome that you were able to go thru your insurance...I like the bellyband because I have a really low sitting baby and it somehow seems to help the blood flowing. Each support garment alone seems to help a little but all three together was like magic for me! The V2 supporter was a little weird on my hips without the wider bellyband over it, but was great otherwise. I hope you get some relief!
My friend used a binder, I think it was the Tuppler one. It left her skin kind of folded over permanently...I'm scared to try it now. Is that a common side effect? It's like the skin was too loose and didn't shrink evenly because the binder was constricting it. I really want to try do the Tuppler exercises with a binder this time because I have a diastasis.
I wear the maternity compression leggings from www.discountsurgical.com and a vulvar support belt called V2 supporter by prenatal cradle-I got that one on amazon for about $35, over those two I wear the babybellyband (just the belly support). I saw that you can get a vulvar support attachment for the babybellyband but I already had the V2 supporter. I wear the full compression leggings because I have another varicose vein near my knee. I recently talked to a friend who has...
I have it too. Mine is a varicose vein. This is my second pregnancy having it. This time around I wore maternity compression leggings with a vulvar support belt and a belly band. I know that sounds like a lot, but when I wear the support garments I can't even feel the vein-even after being up and active all day, carrying my 2 year old, squatting etc. I agree with mommabot about the bedtime activities. We definitely only do that right before bed. I have noticed that an...
I think if they listen with a fetoscope, they need to be very near the heart on babys back to hear the heartbeat. So that would be a good indication of babys position. If using a dopler, the area where you can hear the heartbeat gets bigger. I think if she heard the heartbeat down low using the fetoscope, baby is head down.
I also shared on facebook
I learned that hemp has roots six feet deep!
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