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I just read your blog. I am so sorry.
Treece, I don't think the big problem in your case is the uniform so much as the lack of time to look for things prior to needing them!  Honestly, I'm very low income and I like uniforms (we don't have a strict code though - color based but it sounds stricter than your because we only get white collared shirts, not colored). However, I look throughout the year for clothes that fit within the code and have found many things at free clothing bars and garage sales. I also...
Sorry to say but he gets away with this because the courts just don't care. If it were the mother doing that, they'd be all over your case. But with a dad, they're comparing him to dead beat dads who are gone from their children's lives completely. Compared to that rather low standard, a dad who is there and doing something with the kids is better even if he doesn't follow the rules or pay child support.  So the court's attitude is "What's your problem? He's better than...
I think the posts about uniforms teaching children that different situations have different dress codes are a very good point. I posted earlier that my children attend a school with uniforms but it's collared shirts and navy/white combination. My children are also very good about understanding appropriate dress for different situations (beach clothes, church clothes, play clothes, etc)  It's easy to say, "Those clothes look good on you but they're not for (fill in...
My kids attend a school with a uniform policy.... navy bottoms and white, collared shirts. Any collar (turtlenecks, polos, dress shirts... just so it has a collar) works and any navy bottoms - skirts, skorts, shorts, pants, jumper... just not jeans or athletic pants/sweatpants.  I can find those easily at garage sales and second hand stores so it really is cheaper. I can even find clothes at donation/free spots.  And it makes getting dressed in the morning easier on the...
Also, go ahead and apply for food stamps if your income allows. Put the number of days that she is with you on there.  When it shows up as a discrepancy, they'll look into things. They'll also want you to get child support and that will put things in motion for you.   For taxes, go ahead and claim her and keep a calendar of the days that she is with you or with him.  That'll be your evidence.
Quick question... I have a child with a fever and cough. No apparent runny nose or drainage. Last child who had this a few weeks ago ended up on antibiotics but his throat showed signs of tonsilitis.  This child doesn't show that.  I"m thinking virus and would like to avoid antibiotics if they're not needed.  Any suggestions of what to give beyond bioplasma?  
It's not easy. But I found it easier than with my ex who was abusive and who made it harder to be a mom with an infant.  I also found myself to be pregnant as a single mother (who already had kids) and it does put parts of your life on hold. But my little one has proven over and over and over to be an amazing blessing. Accept help where you can, put your foot down where you need to and enjoy as often as possible and try not to get bogged down by the stresses involved.  
Just a brainstorming idea.... if you're putting him into diapers, could you treat him like a baby in other areas too? Like give him a bottle for dinner, make him go to bed early.... things like that. All with the reasoning of, "If you're not going to poop in the potty like a big boy, I guess you want to be a baby again. This is what it's like to be a baby.  When you want to be a big boy again, you can poop in the potty and be a big boy."   
Thanks! I have both younger and older but still lower elementary and preschool ages. I'm not sure how the youngest will do but I'm hoping that one will both grow into it and learn while watching siblings do it. My younger ones all like to "help" the older ones which is very funny because they're usually right. :D
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