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Hi, I'm the sister mentioned above. Look for our facebook group Attachment Parents of PDX! 
Any more? Also interested, I'm in Portland. 
Whoa..... Anyway. I'm back to say that I think we might pursue domestic infant adoption. I want to have that newborn experience again, but my pregnancy and labor were messed up enough I never want to repeat that. DH isn't 100% on board yet. But I'm hoping he will be soon so we can get the ball rolling. I'm Now doing research into agencies here in Oregon.
  Off topic but, Man I really hope I have that problem some day. I'm really exicted for my sons crazy ideas. 
Personally I would be really peeved, but I have no idea what what I would say! My son is 2.5 and very capable on his little blaence bike and I get comments and looks all the time! Drives me crazy. My son is OVERLY cautious, so he rarely get hurt actually doing anything. But ramdom strangers feel the need to but in and say things like "Hes way too little for 2 wheels" and "Where are his knee pads?"    Good luck mama! 
Lol. My DH got kind of upset when he saw Mark with bobby pins holding his hair back one night. But since then M decided he hates the pins. The best we can do right now, is a hat or his bike helmet (which is on him a lot). 
    My sons hair is starting to get long. He had it cut to even it out when he was younger (a year ago).  I need tips on keeping it out of his eyes at this phase! I've tried bobby pins and he pulls them out, but he complains its in his eyes but doesn't want to cut it either! Its not long enough to do a pony tail (in the back it is, not the front tough). In the back its past his sholders now! 
I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dells. Used to live close as well. I went every summer as a kid, and we took my nephew for a few years. Kalahari is pricey but the best big waterpark hotel. Great wolf lodge is second (and has lots of great dry play options). I did not like wilderness.... all the water parks are sperated and its a pain with kids who want to have a "kid" area and they don't all have that.    Chula vista, and copa cabana are a little bit cheeper and good...
There is no NEED for dairy. My son is allergic to dairy and he gets plenty of calcium. Dark leafy greens are the best source, and he also drinks almond milk which is very high in calcium as well. 
Every time we've traveled with my son (10 months, 18months, and 20 months). He sleeps in the car on the way to the airport, wakes up at the air port, we go though security and all that (I always wear him the whole time and don't let any one touch him or take him away from me), we get him a snack and then let him run and play at the air port till our flight. Usually take off is rough, but once we are in the air, we pull out the laptop and put on a movie and he PASSES out....
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