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Could you please add me?   Due July 17, Baby #2, Hospital Birthing Center   Thanks!  
Eleanor Elise was born on 10/28 Weighed 7 pounds, 9 oz and 19.5 in long at 7:55pm We had a great natural hospital birth with my midwife and amazing doula
Quote: Originally Posted by blizzard_babe Is anyone else in denial? I've just gotten used to pregnancy as my state of being and I feel like having a baby is going to be a big surprise . Same here! I know it's coming, and I *think* I'm ready, but the idea of there actually being a baby in there still seems strange to me. I'm due on the 30th... no BH lately, no prodromal, just same ol', same ol'. I still feel pretty good, though, so I can't...
So nice to hear a great hospital birth story! I'll also be delivering with a doula and midwives at the hospital, so this is a great confidence-builder that it can still be done the way I hope. Congratulations and thank you!
I had a LEEP in April of 2009 and am also interested to see how this goes. My midwife said that they had a girl last week who was at a 2 for 2 weeks with very painful contractions. They broke apart the scar tissue and within hours she was at a 6. I won't be getting checked until 40 weeks. I'll be keeping an eye out to see how yours goes- best wishes for good dialation and quick and easy labor!
Yay! Congrats!
iheartmyfamily- thinking about you and sorry you have to go through this. Jenne- yay! heartbeats are so reassuring! Adorkable- doing great! Had an u/s last week and baby is looking good (and big!). Second trimester is definitely something to look forward to! The fatigue has lifted quite a bit and I'm feeling great. Just started wearing maternity clothes, which is fun.
I had a m/c in January at 5 weeks and conceived the next cycle- now 20 weeks along! Good luck!
Yay Adorkable! Twins will be so much fun!!!
Just wanted to share my story from this week for those who are considering getting a triple screen (probably in future DDCs since I am late in October). I had my 17-week appointment last week and the midwife offered the triple screen. DH and I had refused screenings up until this point, but decided to go ahead with this one based upon the fact that it would be testing for Trisomy-18. For those of you who aren't familiar with Trisomy-18, it is a chromasomal defect that...
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