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TonyaW.... I feel just the same as you... Tetanus is the ONE I worry aout the most. Thanks to everyone and all of the information given in this post. It always help. I have been collecting as much info as I can on it as I am sure you have .... This may have all ready been posted but here is a link to Dr. Mendelsohn's Tetanus article that I have. I am going to see what else I can post ... too late tonight. http://www.wellwithin1.com/tetanus.htm I, too, am...
Hi, not sure if this helps but you could check the State websites for press releases or warnings or however each state warns about it ... appears (at least in De) they report any outbreaks/warnings of chickenpox...which actually blows my mind. http://dhss.delaware.gov/dhss/pressr...ox-042010.html Good luck.
Hi preciousstone.... I am curious if you found one in the Delaware area? Oh, and welcome to Delaware! Amymaew, have you had experience with him? Am curious ... am afraid my doctor may leave De soon and and wondering what I'll do in that case. So good to know of other doctors. Thank you!
Hi, No vaxes (except hep b at birth, which I am KICKING myself for) and very healthy so far. No autism. Eats mostly organics. Has had a couple of minor colds, roseola and a stomach bug. To be fair, he does not go to daycare but does have lots of interaction with his two older siblings, family, etc.
Hi everyone, I am fairly new here but think I will be posting often...I have so many questions! For those of you not vaxing (like me), what kind of diet do you give your child? By that I mean, I pretty much only give my 2 yo organic as much as I can. No sugar (only natural or organic), stay away from GMO, no Mcdonalds, etc. So far, thankfully, he has been very healthy. And he is an excellent eater ... lots of fruits, veggies, etc. So, just wondering, do you do...
Here's a link I have ... I have been thinking about this one too. http://www.novaccine.com/specific-va...ne.asp?v_id=10
Hello, I have to admit I am totally freaked out by it. I have a 2 yo unvaxed and my son has an 8 mo old who is being vaxed. From what I've researched she hasn't had anything that sheds yet (no roto and they refused the flu shot) but I know the mmr and chickenpox will be coming up in the next few months. I feel so bad saying 'don't bring her around for a bit afterwards' but what am I to do. I wish I could just quit worrying about it! I know that I'm not gonna...
That's great! Thanks so much.
Hello, newbie here! I know I saw something on this site somewhere about 'tribes' but now cannot find it ... Correct me if I am wrong, but is a tribe other people in my area and vax friendly doctors? Could someone please explain it and maybe post a link to where I can find more info? Thank you!!!
Hi, I really sympathize with you ... just awful. Just thinking ... I saw someone else posted somewhere in a similar situation that maybe you could contact an area chiropractor and ask if they know of a doctor/ped. Good luck.
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