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You are "livid" at your mother for not committing to commuting that would require two days time and doing free childcare? I am astounded at how very entitled you sound.  Your mother is her own person, who has the right to decide what she does with her time.  She isn't saying she won't visit, she isn't abandoning you or her grandkid.  Sure it's great to have a MIL who could drop everything to help out, but that doesn't mean if you mom won't that your mother is neglecting...
It's not your mom's fault that you forgot about the check, or that your husband took the 50 dollars out of the account before your mother cashed the check.  Your mom really deserves an apology.
It's not a window lock but a mesh in place of bars. http://www.amazon.com/KidCo-KID-S303-Kidco-Window-Guard/dp/B002H0JDPY   We use them in our house and are very happy with them and they aren't ugly like the bars.
I like to fold them in a kite fold   like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNff5ayzt-4 it was perfect for my babies when they were newborns,
What works best is having just a few toys out and a storage bin somewhere out of kid reach for toys that are rotated in and out.   I use the Ikea trofast pine shelves .http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00063672/ I have both this kind and the step version. I find this one is better for access since it's less deep and more wide.
Thank you, I just read your definition of retraction and I'll be checking out the other resources.
Took my 9 month old to the Dr. today and as I was watching my three year old she was busy checking him out, she has never retracted before so I wasn't hovering, I looked over and it looked like she was pulling his foreskin back. I yelped  "no" and put my hand on my son.   I was really flustered and shocked  when I got up the courage I said " Everything I've read says not to retract." My Dr. said "that's right, you don't want to force it" But then what was she doing? My...
It's clear you love your friend, and from what you've written I think she loves you a lot too.  You need your space back for sure, but seeing her as a "user" or someone who is adversarial will just cause more resentment and strife.    What if you start your next serious conversation with "I feel awful about the last time we talked, I worry that all it did was hurt you and it didn't help me with the problem I'm dealing with. I love you a lot and I don't want to hurt...
They are considered unsafe since anything that  is in a car can become a projectile in an accident. I've heard the phrase "If you wouldn't throw it at your babies face, don't have it in your car."   I don't know the math but even a 1lb object can have some ridiculous force in an accident. I bet a CPST could explain it better.   That said, I personally have a tethered mirror for my rear facing kids.  It's a risk i wouldn't advise to anyone else but I'm ok with my...
I'd say the same. I had planned on having my tub in the room nest to my bedroom which is a 2nd floor converted attic but my architect friend said even with a small tub it would be exceeding the maximum pounds per square foot. It was last year so i don't remember the number. He said if i had to do it to put the tub in the corner.    I wound up putting my tub out on the stone deck with cushions underneath.  
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