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This morning we are going in for the biophysical.  When we get home I'm going to clean like a madwoman because I have nothing better to do. I'm so ready for this baby!
I'm still here... 41+2 now. 0 signs of labor.  No dropping, no BH, ugh.   Nothing seems to even get a contraction going. I've tried everything except cohosh ( which I won't do) and acupuncture ( which I can't afford).  Castor oil didn't even phase my super Hotel Uterus.   I've forced myself to walk around despite awful pelvic pain,  I tried going to yoga class like a crazy lady. I wound up seeing stars half-way through class freaking out and calling my midwife who...
So besides wondering if that last cramp or contraction is the one to get us started, what have you ladies been up to today?  I'm making a cherry pie.
JoEngland  since we have the same EDD I totally feel your anticipation frustration.  If I hear one more "Where's that baby?" I'm gonna cry.    I took  castor oil at my midwife's recommendation this morning hoping to get something going, but all I've got is some TMI bowels going on but no contractions not even a uncomfortable cramp. 
How are all you ladies feeling today?  I'm 40+4 and woke up to crazy nausea and loose bowels... My husband laughed that I'm the only person to feel happy about that. I'm just hoping it's the start of something.  I can barely walk anymore from the pubic pain and my 2 year old is going nutso without a mommy who can jump and climb with her.
Hello Ladies,   I've been lurking on this thread since I knew I'd be going past 40 weeks, and now I've gone and made it official. We have slow cooking ovens in my and my husbands family. My husband, all his siblings, my siblings and I were all 43 week babies. My daughter was 12 days past EDD and who knows with this one? This birth I've planned a home birth but my midwife is only allowed to let me go to 42weeks.  I wasn't even expecting to think about giving birth...
I'm here! Due July 25 but my guess was that baby will show up in august.
I hope you don't mind but I saw those lights and made DH put up some of our own! Such a good idea!
aww MIz Yellow don't feel bad. Aren't you experiencing terrible pelvic pain and you have a toddler too? You do whatever you decideis best for you and your family.   My 2 cents anyway.
Last night I dreamt I woke up to my water breaking. I got up and started my labor project, baking and sewing. After the cupcakes went in the oven, I exclaimed I forgot to call the midwife! POOF there she was. The birth went fast in the tub, everything was super!   And then I woke up to a very round  non- contacting belly. Oh well.  Now I have lemon cupcakes on my mind though.    
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