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Sounds good to me I'll PM you my info and anyone else who says they are going.
Ok seriously that just made me spit out my lemonade. I was doing so well not posting on this thread but I really do have to give it up for the Godwin's Law comedy.  
Will you have room to sidcar the crib up to your bed? If so I'd take it and do just that!
What do you hope to accomplish by spanking? Honestly.  Are you looking for your son to avoid talking in class at all costs out of fear?  Or do you want him to learn to  be respectful of his teacher's and fellow classmates needs?  If it is the latter write down exactly how  spanking,  teaches him how to be respectful. I suggest this because there is absolutely nothing that spanking him will teach him about respecting other peoples needs.   What I'd assume you want for...
Friday is best for me but I'm willing to skip a class here or there to meet some more like minded people!
We are outdoorsy but if everyone else wants to meet for brunch that's cool with us. DD just turned two and she loves playgrounds with climbing equipment.  I'd like to try this playground out in Denville  if you ladies are interested:   http://www.njplaygrounds.com/blog-n-photos/?p=4050    
One more phrase to add to your toolbox that we use when "mine" pops up:  "It's not yours, but you wish it was yours. You like that_________so much, and wish it was yours but it's ___ (so and so's, everyone's, not yours)___."     It seems to diffuse her a bit, maybe because she feels like I'm trying to understand her too?( of course I could be projecting that that's the reason why it works )    
I'm not that close to Denville though I do go there to eat from time to time.  I'd be willing to drive there to find another AP co sleeping mommy.  I have a toddler and a little one on the way. We live in Union County.
Protecting your child from bullies will not harm them. Moving your child out of toxic environment won't prevent him from learning to stand up for himself.  Sometimes standing up for yourself means leaving.  Your mommy instincts tell you your kid is being abused in the setting he is in now and that no authority figure is intervening on his behalf.    If your son was being harassed at a job and HR did nothing would you tell him to suck it up and stay there? If he was in an...
I think you can help him pluck or whatever, but I'd also expose him to the idea that choosing how to look should come from within, not from fears of other peoples opinions. I don't see shaped eyebrows as any different from shaped haircuts, if you are doing it for yourself it's great confidence building, if you are wearing a certain style because you are afraid to do anything else it's disempowering.
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