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Just an FYI...cable IS broadband, so that shouldn't be an issue. I have cable internet and just went to check it out and it's working fine for me.
My older two shared a room until last year...they were 11 and 14 at the time when we bought this house. Off and on, I shared with both of my siblings (girl/boy) as our parents were seperated and needed different rooms.
I've gotten MANY things from the curbside...furniture, carpeting, exercise equipment...lots of things. Our community had unlimited pickup once a month, and everyone puts things out...and you can tell when it's free pickup day because you see trucks and vans driving slowly up and down roads. : When we first moved here, we put a bunch of stuff out that month including a broken tv and I am happy to say that it all got picked up...by others and not the garbage man!
I had a big pack of regular washcloths (you can get at any 'mart' or Dollar store...a dozen or so for $3) and just ran them under the warm tap when I went to change.
Re: the plastic sippies...there's an article in the newest Time magazine (it came in the mail yesterday, so next week's issue?) about that.
Rent- Mortgage of $512 a month Health Insurance- $72 per week Car Insurance- $82 per month (2 vehicles, one has full coverage, great driving records) Electricity- varies from $45-$90 per month (higher when using the AC, lower when AC not in use) Cable- $125 (internet and cable tv with DVR and movie channels...OY! DH argues it's our only entertainment, I could do without a bunch of stuff and get it down to $37 a month like we used to) Cellphone- $42 per...
2 adults, 3 kiddos (2 teens, one a sweaty baseball player ATM)... 2 loads towels 2 loads sheets 1 load whites 1 load jeans 1 load whites 1 load colors 1 load blacks 9 loads a week? That's an estimate, as I sometimes have to run a load through quickly to get a uniform ready. DH wears a uniform to work that is laundered by them too, so that saves a bit on laundry. I hang everything to dry.
Almost wo years ago, my DH was let go THREE times in that year from different places. FIL lost his job around the same time, but thankfully was right at his retirement age. My BIL lost his job of 12 years the end of December, and more than a few neighbors, friends and parents of our kids' friends have/are in the process of losing their jobs. ALL manufacturing jobs...mostly automotive, but some aren't. We're in the Ohio/Michigan area.
We have a 3 bedroom house, but our boys have the largest bedroom. (We have the medium one and DD has the smallest, which still has PLENTY of room). The boys got the larger one so they have more room to space out, since there's a larger age gap between them.
Quote: Originally Posted by wombatclay Call it "polenta" and they'll charge you extra at the restaurant. It's super yummy as a savory (add garlic or onion, lump it into soups, pour sauce or gravy over it, use it to blend with meat to make your meat go further, etc) or as as sweet (with honey, syrup, molasses, fresh fruit, canned fruit, applesauce, etc) We love it with melted cheese and salsa over it. :
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