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We lived in Vicksburg for almost a year and a half, and we enjoyed it. Our daughter is not school-age, so I can't say much about the schools (they are probably better in Clinton)....but if you're looking for a good, quiet apartment complex I highly recommend Bradford Ridge Apts. You won't find anything about them on the internet, but they're well taken care of and very reasonable rent. It's located on Cain Ridge road off of hwy 61 S. If you were looking to buy a house,...
We got zero reimbursement. :( I ended up with a CNM delivering and billing GEHA, but they refused and we didn't press the issue. Our CNM was not the one we hired, but was a friend who did the delivery because our CPM was at another birth.   GEHA did cover my prenatal care with my OB before I switched.   I'm thankful homebirths are sooo much cheaper than hospital births and that most midwives will work with you on the payments.
I've been told to take one in the morning and one in the night, and one vaginally - if you're not having much sex. That's the 1300mg strength. I had some 500mg, and with those I was just take 5-6 a day by mouth.
It makes me VERY sad to think that I have practically a full pound of RRL (as well as of nettles AND of peppermint), and I ALWAYS forget to make any. Granted, I'm in the South, and putting on a pot of water to boil isn't the loveliest of things with the weather as it is....but I know I need to be drinking more, and I'm just not.  
  This is such a helpful thread!!! I'm 38weeks tomorrow and since late last week, I've wondering...maybe three different nights if this "was it". I haven't had any show or mucus plug or water breaking, but I've had contractions that are very regular and some intense that have petered out after an hour or so...........I'm hoping to have a doula come in from eight hours away, and I'm kind of afraid I won't know when to call  
I am always amazed at how much better I feel when I do get something added to my ever so limited wardrobe. I'm loving maxi-dresses right now. I couldn't find any maternity ones, so I just got an Large or Xlarge and it's so comfortable. I have one pair of pants that fit well....and shirts, meh, terrible....I wish I could find some that cover my belly and my boobs - but they don't seem to make them that way, so I'm always hanging out on one end or the other. BUT I'm also...
We bought the "doodle pool" off of amazon. It's 60x20'' and only $25. It doesn't have an inflatable bottom, but I just put our bathroom rugs underneath it, and it feels pretty cushy. As an added perk, you can color on the top and sides with the crayons that come with it. : )  
These are great lists!! Question: When do you plan to stock up on the fresh fruits/veggies? Or are you planning to keep them on hand from x-point on??      
37 weeks tomorrow for me!! A friend of mine who was a week ahead of me delivered last week, and I'm starting to wonder if this little baby is going to make it to May (though probably, I'll go till a full moon pulls her out!) : )  
Even though two hours IS pretty far away and seems more risky...I would look into interview those other midwives. I don't think your reasons for searching for a new one are flaky at all, and I do think it's Super important to have a midwife you're comfortable with (like if she's someone who makes you stressed, you might not birth as well).   14+ births a month from the mennonite woman is a TON. Most MW I know won't take more than TWO (but they also do thoroughly...
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