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I personally haven't been in your position, my Husband was all for UC, but have you let him know you can't find a midwife? What has his reaction been? Maybe he'll be more receptive than you think.
After our daughter was born the other night we left the placenta sitting out quite a few hours. I went ahead and put it in the fridge, it's been in there for about 36 hours. Is It still safe to consume in smoothies if I cut up and freeze the rest?
I really am no help but what about waiting until the baby is older to try and get it?
Glad I'm not the only one :)  It's SO strange, though.  After last nights bout with whatever it is I've been able to narrow it down even more,  it's like it starts around 6ish and is over and done by 10.  It's really weird.  Around 9:30 the last two nights I've talked to my husband about it, by 10, feeling totally better.  I really think it's something hormonal/chemical happening at that time, too.  It's this totally irrational feeling, just general unrest.  Guess we'll...
This isn't my first rodeo or anything but I do not remember this from my previous pregnancies,  wondering if anyone else has experienced this!  I feel fine during the day, emotionally, physically, just in general.  Once evening hits it's a totally different story.  I start feeling sick  to my stomach, and my emotions are all over the place.  To the point I feel uneasy about the birth and just a general nervousness (not just about the birth just all over nervousness).  I...
Anyone?   I found the "norms" for adults, but I figured it probably a bit different for someone that's pregnant.
I was just curious if any of you had any info(links maybe?)  Stating what are normal ranges for   vitamin b12 calcium magnesium phosphorous.   during pregnancy.     I would really appreciate it!
I don't think there is a clear cut answer to this question.  A lot of people have their own views of what is actually unassisted or not,  they often differ from one person to the next.  That being said,  I'm not sure that it should matter that much.  Not trying to be snarky at all but if that's what you want why does it matter if it's technically an UC?  You would be getting the birth you WANT just maybe not the label of an UC.  Isn't that what matters?
Congratulations!  Sounds amazing!
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