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No good news from me I am afraid .   I am out of the October group now. I wish you all the very best with your pregnancies and births. Much love, Sarah x
I'm booked in for an emergency consult/US this afternoon as I'm now bleeding and cramping :( I clinging to hope by my fingernails, but generally feeling very pessamistic about the outcome.  I am 9 weeks.
Thank you for this thread.  It offers comfort when you are in a really dark, scary place. x
:) Another, non age- related, anecdote is that I was constantly advised to drink Guinness (stout beer) throughout my pregnancy, and I was given a free pint of Guinness each day I remained in hospital after the birth.  I wonder if they still do that??
That was in Dublin,Ireland in 1997 and everyone else in the maternity ward was younger than me and seemed to be on their 4th or 5th child LOL. Times certainly have changed though!  my mum says she would have liked to have had a 3rd baby but the staff at the hospital,  when she had my younger sister, told her that she shouldn't think about having any more as she was getting on a bit....again, she was 27!!
Welcome to the thread everyone and congratulations to you all.    
What about Benoit? pronounced BenWah It is French and often shortened to Ben.   Or Bentley maybe?
Hello, I am certainly no spring chicken anymore (42 next week) and wondered if there are any other mums who consider themselves "older" with this pregnancy? I had my first baby aged 27yrs and was considered an old first-time-mum then.  Since then I've had 3 more healthy babies, the last one was in Oct 08 when I was 38 So far I am feeling pretty healthy with little nausea, manageable fatigue, lots of hunger! but I have little nagging doubts that everything might not...
Almonds, really strong cheddar cheese and apples Yesterday I made some mini almond-flour cheesy muffins which I am eating rather too frequently too!
Hello, my EDD is 14th Oct I think
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