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and where did you get them from? Any experience from these places: Nickis Diaperware Cotton Babies thanks!!
For newborn covers I've got some Bummis super snaps...they look really nice but I have no practical experience with them yet... you also might look into motherease airflow covers. They are side snapping and I"ve used those on a newborn and liked them very much.. they'll fit over anything! For pullons I've used Bummis and Dappi, they are both made from nylon and fit about the same. The Dappi seem very slightly larger in the legs.. hth some!
I'm thinking the red edge (but measure the rise and go by that for a perfect fit) and I would get 2 dozen to wash every other day I love GMD prefolds, they are awesome and it is soooo nice using prefolds and not having to worry about stink issues. Good luck mama!
My sons changing area is upstairs right now and I do have to run up a bit to change him but I've gotten used to it, plus he's 2 and not needing changed very often. But I was thinking with a new little one on the way also that maybe I should set something up downstairs too. Little ones need changed so much more frequently I'm afraid I won't be able to get up and down that much For those of you who have done this... did you just get a dozen more diapers and have them for...
I think if you're wanting to avoid stains then every other day would be long enough... I've noticed if I stick with that often I rarely have any staining. If I wait 3-4 or more days I will almost always end up with at least one or two stains that don't come out. And congrats on your first day of cloth :
I just used vaseline with a cut of fleece liner like previous poster commented.. I think I would try the albas if there were a next time though... less trouble
The trifolding only works in my experience if you have a very snug/good fitting cover. If the cover is a little roomy the prefold will just slide around and make a big mess! I love prefolds I've used everything and while I like a good fitted for convenience sometimes at that trying to roll over and crawl away stage. I still much prefer prefolds. They just never develop stink issues, I never worry if they are getting clean. You can customize the fit. Are inexpensive so you...
I voted pins .... I never could get over those sharp teeth on the snappi! I don't know how realistic the possibility is but I'm scared to death it'll come undone and snag the baby somehow! I've hurt myself trying to put them on
I don't know if you want to spend anymore money right now but Integrity Diaper Company has pinked flats that are only $11 a dzn right now. Folded in the oragami they are as small as GMD newborn prefolds in the rise... I was thinking how these will make a really nice newborn diaper until my GMD and IV start to work. They would be way less bulky that the GMD flats that I have. Those are still biggish on my 2yo! But then I have small kiddos.....Hope that might help some
Hmmm, I saw a post I think at diaperswappers.. not sure but a mama had the Motherease Riki with snaps added to it by a wahm. Its an idea.. that would be one awesome cover imo
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