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Thanks for your response! After doing some research the last two weeks, I have decided to get them a month membership each to Fantage. I have selected a "no chat" option so they takes care of them talking to others. They really enjoy that site, especially my daughter because she can play the games, earn "money" and then buy whatever outfit she likes for her avatar. There's even a game called the "fashion show" where she can dress up with her outfits and costumes! It's a...
at 11- i think they should be getting some sort of responsibility.. at least to clean up their room and help with the dishes
omg that's disgusting! My friend recommended Fantage.com to me- it's seems so safe.. and parents get to customize the chat options
What kinds of online virtual worlds or games do your kids participate in? I'm looking for something both my daughter and son can use..
I love Zara!!! When i go overseas, that's where I shop in Athens!
Try having the In Laws be from the same culture and ethnicity!!! Sometimes my DH's in laws drive me INSANE! On my island, we do this... we have things this way.. bla bla bla-- i DON'T CARE! ...my parents always said not to date/marry guys from the Greek islands and stick with mainlanders cuz they gossip, nag, and are cheap-- and in a way they were right... except the cheap part.. we are thankfully, well off but Nick's parents criticize and are judgmental to certain things!
You should pick up the Rosetta Stone tapes. They're really good and you can do them within your home.. or get a tutor! My children were fluent in Greek by the time they were both 4... now Sophia is 8 and Achilleas is 5
Some children don't realize what they're saying half the time is wrong and not acceptable.
Quote: Originally Posted by IsaFrench but some other countries DO still have military service for young men for up to 2 years ... I know because that's one of the reasons my nephews won't claim the passport from their father's country ... That's not necessarily true. The only ways you must do military service is when you are born in that country or you have obtained a passport with that country and have lived there for more than 6 months...
Quote: Originally Posted by philia I have never been to Greece since I have had kids. The kids are going to be 3 and 4. We will be going the end of May for a little over two weeks. I think island hopping will be hard and also long boat rides. We were thinking Athens for the day and then fly to Santorini and go from there. I don't know if i want to do Santorini though. I was also thinking fly to Naxos from Athens and then to Rhodes. I have never been to...
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