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Our plan has always been four, with the caveat that it is nice that they unusually come one at a time so we can change our minds. But for me, I am good with one more. Three has been pretty easy and when is not, it is the big kids, not the baby. Husband is less sure and really wants to live with three for a bit, he is still feeling all the extra childcare and the survival parenting from the first few weeks pp and chunks of pregnancy. But pregnancy and postpartum are just a...
Interestingly with three I am getting more general how is it going, how have the big kids reacted questions. C is an easy baby who wants to speed eat and conk back out once or twice a night and that is how I describe her. I like answering the question you wish you got. My kids are so enthusiastic about introducing the new baby, both times, that that preempts the sibling rivalry questions.
Cardigan, I love laid back nursing. I have oversupply and it really helps with the early trouble baby has. Plus a great and informative name.
I have milk on HM4HB and EOF right now (for my state, they are still separate facebook groups). I have finally gotten into a good morning routine of pumping in the morning while I facebook and the kids watch their AM all ready TV show. C has a good early morning nap so it works well.   My midwife warned me way ahead of time that they will do a pelvic at the 6 weeks but I would not one from any office that is not respectful and can't tell me specifically why. My two week...
Edelweiss, you are doing prefolds? Do a jelly roll fold, rolling the sides up and if you snappi even better. Or not and just do the covers up well and put any leaked on things out in the sun after rinsing in warm water.
Pacifiers. Before my first I was all, no pacifiers, nipple confusion, bla bla bla. Monkey would not sleep in the hospital at night so finally we sent him to the nursery and when we woke up, he came back with a paci. And it worked, and he loved it. So almost five year later, we are still a paci family (though just for baby). For my super suckie kids combined with my generous supply and fast let down they just work for us. Brands, NUK or Mam. Nothing else really works for...
Sky, try laid back nursing. I have oversupply and it really helps. As does the pacifier. All three are suckie babies.   Edelweiss, C has not pooped in days. Not actually sure when. All of mine did this and I took it as normal and they don't have any food products to throw out the back.
Have you been taking it easy, or has it been a busy few days? Could it be more PP bleeding?
So of course with all this feeling great and getting stuff done, my cold/flu thing came back with terrible back pain. It kills me when I hack and cough. Luckly it was the night so husband was home. Though he is just as sick.
I just knocked Monkey out for is first nap in ages using the classic, but with the belly impossibly, combo of a snuggle on the couch and my tv, that he finds boring, but not scary. All three are sleeping.
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