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Banana, that was me last time. We moved less than three weeks before Bee was born. I think that is part of the crafts binge this time. Because really, no cosleeper needs bunting.
Banana, thanks for asking, Bee is feeling much better. It never developed into anything specific. Of course now she is into shrieking like a baby pterodactyl.   Crunchy, My kids destroy the house too. Only thing that helps is putting most of their toys away out of their reach. And bribery for picking up.
My updated list - I took off everything that was done last time and added a few new things in purple For 35 weeks or earlier pack my transfer bag for 36 weeks pull together last few birth supplies and get into the bins tidy house for visit clear dresser tops & for supplies (pre visit) post birth kit list and birth notes in bedroom with washi tape for 37 weeks (which is this week) get first hat (gave yarn to my...
A few days before Monkey was born I was told from the u/s he was big, but not more than 8lb. 9lb2oz of him came out. Never had one with Bee.   Midwife today. We ended up spending more time playing in the waiting room after the appointment then we did with her. And it was not a short and sweet. Baby is good, flipped right to left, head more down. Midwife thinks she is 6 something now on track for 8lb at 40 weeks, perhaps a bit less. I think I weigh more now than I...
Coffee. The gauze for two wraps was about $20, but you have to make two since you can not sew two shorter pieces together safely. $3ish for the dye. I think it took more time to iron the edges then it did to hem them. I got the gauze at fabric.com and I got a few more things to get to free shipping.   These are the tutorials I...
Bee had a fever so she was restless last night. but she decided after dragging my to the potty a 5am that today, that was not morning, so we slept in until 9.30. she just managed to fall asleep on what is left of my lap.
Crafty. I love the closet.   I finally got some photos of some of what I have been working on. Her quilt and some room things are finished too, but I will wait until I get the bunting put up to photograph those.   Carrier stuff sacks a la Red Charlotte on etsy. The first on is for my friend due two days before me (I have the same fabric ready for one for my cousin). Fabric is Dwell Studio for target bedding via a consignment sale.     Stuff sack for my...
I work for a cloth diaper store and somehow ended up with all the wet bags. I lot were freebies, a few I bought at a going out of business sale and a few, my monkey foot designs ones I bought on purpose. We use them for everything, well beyond diapers. I also somehow have five pail liners.
I am really curious when this one will come. Monkey was induced 41 + 3 and Bee came on her due date. So will Iggy come 10 days earlier? No idea.
I woke up in the middle of the night with very strong aches on the top of my belly and nausea and more this morning when I woke up, but they have settled down. She has gotten lower in the last day so perhaps that has something to do with it.    I am 37 weeks on Sunday and had another talk with her about how Sunday is a lovely day to be born.
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