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Edelweiss, just like the a&a blankets. It was 3.99 a yard and will make bigger blankets than their really nice ones. I had. Coupon and got free shipping too. Island breeze gauze. https://www.fabric.com/creativity-headquarters-free-pattern-downloads-tropicana-maxi-skirt-pattern-gauze-fabric-island-breeze-gauze-fabric.aspx I am going to have the kids decorate one with fabric markers. I love the muslin blankets we got with bee and we got so much use from them.
My day is sucking too Bananna. Monkey is on in day three of really needing a nap, but not being still, and just being a terrorizing bum who wines, cries and yells. Four is fun, my mother did warn me. I just feel under the weather. The darn heat and humidity is not helping. I am just not dealing with outside this week, so we are all a little stir crazy. But more than that today, just not well, extra tired, achy, heartburn... All the fun of pregnancy. I just want to be...
My home visit went well. She got delayed with the new mama before me, so it was late, but such is life. Glad that when it is my turn, I will have the time I need. She had some good info on belly binding to get baby to engage and get contractions more productive. We went over all the when to call, what do do if baby gets here first, what do get food wise for them. She was very impressed at my Type A supply set up. Everything is stacked in my bedroom closet, in...
I had my baby shower this weekend, which was a hoot. 2/3s of the mamas there are pregnant. Everyone brought me freezer food and we had a great time chatting. My neighbour went all out with the cuteness.   I was supposed to have a home visit yesterday afternoon, but she had to cancel, since someone wanted to be born. So I had a giant nap. All good. She will come by tonight. At least the house got nice and clean and tidy.   I am glad babies are keeping on cooking....
What a little darling.
I never found stripping my membranes to be painful. Mildly uncomfortable, but no worse than a check.
All these knits are making me wish I had the patience to knit.   I have been sewing up a storm, but I need to get pictures. I made two of these doll slings just now http://mamasmiles.com/baby-doll-carrier-tutorial/#comment-49873, one for Bee and one for her/my friend who is having a boy/brother due two days before me. I got my four year old to try it  on and it is great. But he hates things on one shoulder and would not keep it on for a picture. He told me it was not...
I love Trader Joe's frozen section (along with their other sections) and they are a real part of my post partum plan.   I love their just thaw and eat edamame
I would also consider giving the midwife her gift at the 6 week check up if that makes your life easier.
My first was breech from 35 weeks. We did accupuncture, which got him moving, but he stayed breech. I did an external version to turn him at 38+ weeks, which worked and they wedged him in good and he stayed put until he was born 41+ weeks
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