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Mama505 Nights Sweats resolve them selves and help get your excess fluids out (so yea, loosing baby weight) Hemorrhoids. So not fun. Earth Mama Angel Baby MAMA Bottom Balm. Is the best thing. Ever. And it smells nice too. It finally occurred to me the other day that Bee calmed down and slept longer in a swaddle so I have been doing that with Catherine and it makes a huge difference.
The photos are done by a photographer friend, mine really don't turn out like that. The quilt was actually pretty easy and quite forgiving of things being less than lined up. It also came together in lots of very very small steps (and a binge watching of Sister Wives).
I third the baby nightgown love. I have a handful that have snaps up the front so they are super easy to put on. One has little blue dog footprints on it and as soon as my big kids saw that, they insisted that baby needed to watch Blue since she was a clue.
Cardigan, Like Banana said, hands down the best test of baby temperature is to stick a finger down their back. C is mostly hanging out in a onesie (really cute ruffle butt one because she can) and a muslin swaddle blanket. She can get her hands out if she really tries, but she had a nucal hand and is rather fond of it on her face.   We had a photos shoot when she was a four or five days old by a friend of mine and this is the picture from that for her baby announcements....
These are Catherine's room. She is my third, but the first time I have been able to do a nursery. It is a five by seven closet off our hall with a window.   The bunting is leftover fabric from making her quilt.   I sewed the smaller leftovers on to one sheet as bunting. The other sheet and the change pad cover have hexies appliqued on.   And somehow, this is the best shot I have of her quit.
I can't decide when to post here and when to post in the babies thread.   I just got home from the doctors with C. She has gained 1lb 1 oz and 1.5 inches in just under two weeks. Everything looks great and we both know what we are doing, so we can skip the next well check and not come back until 2 months.   This week will be crazy, the big kids start preschool, with all that transition. I need to take everyone to school by myself on Bees first day and husband will...
Congratulations on your little man. I am glad you had the support you needed. I had a very different birth, and still hated the "massages", they just hurt.like Edelweiss I had to squeeze husbands hand hard.
Crafty. I nursed her in cradle and poured the shampoo on my head blind. She was fine as long as I kept water from flowing down that breast. I found that babies are kind of sticky in the shower, as long as you are careful with the sop, so holding them has never been a problem. I did not shower with monkey nd he still will not have one. So I started a t a week with bee.
I wish there were badges for parenting, like there are in girl guides. I washed my hair while nursing C in the shower today and I think that deserves one. Edelweiss would have to have a two sided sash for all her nursing ones.
Edelweiss: I usually do a reminder of how cloth diapers work for the grandparents when they visit, just to refresh their minds. This visit my MIL forgot to snap up the fitted and everyone needs to remember to check the legs and waist of the covers for diaper that is sticking out.   Husband and I tried to go for a date yesterday. We took C to his office to show her off, then walked to the Art Institute to see the fashion and impressionism exhibit I really wanted to see....
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