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My kids were at school & being watched by a friend today so I got to see the midwife and hear the heart beat (great V day present) in peace. Then quiet lunch at my favourite Japanese place with no kids.   For parenting boys generally I love It's a Boy!: Your Son's Development from Birth to Age 18 [Michael Thompson Ph.D., Teresa Barker]. You could get it for the parenting of the stepson and just happen to read the baby sections too. What is great about parenting is...
Me at night. I have to prop the comforter under one side. On my side I need it under my belly.
14 weeks yesterday and my body celebrated by surprise feeling sick, getting me to spend the whole day in my PJs, afternoon headache induced nap and too ill in the evening to get up.
There would be a two 3/4 year old in the middle too, but getting timing right for the baby is the most important in some ways. I love traveling with them before they learn they can move locations on their own.
My kids have been so cranky I am letting them sleep in this morning. We will probably get Monkey to school late, or perhaps he will just miss a day.   I have got the idea in my head that next January would be a great time for a family trip to disney world. I may be insane. I think Iggy at 5 months would be easy and happy plopped in a high chair, carrier or stroller and it would be for Monkey's fifth birthday.
We did. No fuss, not really any more paperwork and we put don 10% and no pmi
I put anything that might be worth saving in a drawer, hen it gets fullish, I sort though, with the perspective of time and pick the best, most representative pieces. I put them in an artist portfolio album from Dick Blick.
Are the inserts getting soaked? Have you bleached? BG recommends 1/4 cup of bleach monthly. Boiling the inserts for ten minutes really gets everything out.
MellyBelly. The Graco Snugride30 and Chicco Keyfit 30 are the narrowest infant seats. Combi Coccoro, Diono Radians and Clerk Foof are the narrowest convertables and there are a bunch of narrow boosters, including the Graco Turboride. I have been on the car seats for the littles facebook group getting advice. It is full of car seat techs.
One of the advantages to having kids I have found, is that you can hand them off to grandparents, and go read in your room, with out anyone feeling snubbed. My inlaws were delighted to have baby sleep on their chest for a nap while I had alone time.
New Posts  All Forums: