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Always, The snot makes me cough until I puke. With Bee I had bronchitis and the coughing from that also lead to puking. Otherwise no puking for this one or Bee, but there was for Monkey. I think I liked the plain puking better.   But my better times are getting longer and I have been lasting until dinner time with out needing to go lie down.
I would do fold over elastic.Easy to do and it would look good.I If you need to buy more run the numbers first, pro wraps are not expensive and new ones could be less than some of the FOE I have seen.
Most car seats are outgrown by height. It is a matter of when.
My Illinois BCBS PPO covers midiwives with a global maternity fee regardless of where. My HB midwife is actually in network. I would talk to them about covering her deliver fee, with out getting into location.
bump, I am curious
I have heard of babies getting passports in as little as 7 days, so get in contact with the passport office (not the postoffice, but the passport people) and see what they recommend in that situation. Getting the birth certificate may be the biggest hurdle.
I keep thinking that if I eat just the right thing, my tummy will settle and all will be well. Not luck yet. Instead I am still coughing up snot balls and threw up while walking my son to school (thank goodness for snowbanks).   Met with my potential doula today and it was awesome. But I am not sure if I want her enough and there will be enough to do to justify spending almost $700. If I needed her, for sure, but that is a lot of cleaning lady hours that would make...
What NotYourBuddy and Some girl have covered the bases. Only people you feel comfortable around are worth having in the beginning.  I am lucky that that is my parents, who magically wash my floor when I am not looking, make my favourite meal, and sneak natural light photos of my newborn while I take a much needed nap. My mum took the position that she was there to mummy me while I learned to mummy Monkey.   With Monkey we were in a one bedroom apartment. My mum...
MellyBelly, double check the expiration of the car seat. If it sat on the shelf for a while before you bought it, you many need a new one for babe.   I found what worked pretty early on for me as PJs. Nursing tank (Target particularly) and whatever bottoms I want. When Monkey was new I had two pairs of hemp pads and changed half way through the night. Monkey was still nursing and Bee nursed frequently at night, so I never had the same leaking problems with her.
What is next? It all gets done one project at a time. Kitchen drawer? Buffet top? What spots bother you the most? What needs a home most badly?   One thing that has helped me is to have an Outbox (idea from Apartment Therapy) anything that is not working for me goes in the outbox. When full I go through it, donate, plain throw out, or put away in deep storage. Occasionally I go dig something out that I need. I like living without something for a while before I...
New Posts  All Forums: