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All three for me were evening sick pregnancies. I need to eat breakfast soon after getting up (which is pretty true anyways), go ok all day, then from four it starts. Need to eat by five and often in bed at 6.30 or 7 as soon as husband gets home.
We should start a thread for the first time mamas on this topic.   Enough clothes to last between laundry. Some prefer sleepers, others onesies and pants. Buy baby clothes used, they barely get used. Socks only stay on with Robbeez type shoes on top. Diapers. Newborns go through 10-12 a day. I love my cloth diapers. Wipes, place to put dirties, mat for them to mess up during the change (blanket works). Blankets. The A&A muslin ones or the like are really lovely...
Husband gets 20 days of heavily subsidised daycare a year through work, so the kids went there today and I finally got our house looking like it has no place on horders. Not clean, but so very much better.   My insurance pregnancy calendar has the first and third trimester as having 12 weeks, and all the rest being the lovely second. It seemed kindest. That said, my first tri lasts until I start to feel better at 16 weeks, so at 11 weeks, I still have a long way to...
This is three for us. We were broke students with number one, then we moved twice before starting #2, so some gear got sent to new homes. We moved to our current house three weeks before Bee was born, and realized in a two story house, you need duplicates. So Bee got lots of new and "new to us" gear. I also picked up a small swing, a cute baby gym and another bouncy seat at a consignment sale this spring (for $5 for all three). I feel like I have all the carriers and...
I moved less than three weeks before Bee was born and found that easier. I could do a lot of the prep earlier and my church came and unpacked us. I had a great birth with her, but it took a good 6 weeks before I was ready no miss my naps and get back to normal energy.   Pregnant really does get you out of a lot too. My  moving guys tucked me up in moving blankets in a chair by the door and I just had to tell them everything.
Try with one. What is the roast that will happen? Though I love my seam ripper.
Dylon worked well in the sanitize cycle of my washer. Dharma has the best dyes though. Koolaid workers great on wool covers
Also great for cleaning something gross and tossing.
Too thin. Non newborn prefolds should be 4x8x4 Price is also way lower than the rest of the market, so what corners did they cut?
I also want to add you are asking great questions in a thoughtful way. Keep it up.
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