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For me with cloth, a leak was when the poop got out of the prefolds and on the inside of the cover. With two in cloth only a handful of poops escaped the diaper. Real elastic is brilliant and keeps it in. On the go. I bring a wet bag that can hold all the cloth diapers we could go through when we are out. Also useful for older kids accidents and wet swimsuits. I put in back in my bag or the bottom of the stroller. No fuss.
Breastfeed poop is watersoluible, so it just rinses out in the wash. Once they are eating other things, it changes and needs to be disposed of. Liners are good, we usually se a sprayer in our house. Whatever works or you. Prefolds and flats are really pretty easy, very simple and flexible and easy to launder in a wide range of circumstances.
I am very grateful for Rohgam and that this is all about shots that hurt, not fatal conditions. They never tested dh with our first, so I made sure to do it before out first visit with bee
We did a 5 hour drive with a six week old and she slept, ate and changed at a pit stop and then slept. Easier by far then out two year old. Remember that first babies usually come after their due dates. Are you still comfortable with the idea of doing it with a three week old? You may want to set up the expectation now that you will play it by ear.
Mine to for dinner with chipotle for lunch. Cooking is just not happening, bet then neither are dishes.
Thanks coffee, I finally found it after I signed in
I have been chatting on FB with a friend who is feeling broken after two miscarriages are terrified about a third. I thought there was a preg and birth loss board here, but now I can't find it. I don't want to send her anywhere tic yet, just healing. Ideas?
I don't remember if I needed to roll the bottom around the band once for Bee or not. Froggied her (the same position as in a moby) and crossed the straps on her back. I have a BabyHawk and it has quite a stiff head support for little people. She was in it before a week.
I think today might be the day I get caught up on dishes, some of which have been hanging around for far far too long
I just submitted the test for blood type, not anything else Sequenom does. My insurance covers Rhogam, but I have to get it from the pharmacy, submit to drug coverage, who reuses to cover all injectables but insuln, so back to regular insurance who will cover it now the drug program rejected it.
New Posts  All Forums: