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@CoffeeBean, I just like doing the 20 week us.
www.aslobcomesclean.com/ is a blog for you.   I am pregnant with #3, feel poorly and notice the creep of it looks ok, to it looks like crap overnight.   What helps is routine. You run the dishwasher every night because you do. You always vacuum on Tuesdays. It takes your subjective vision out if the equation. Once you get used to the new clean(ish) normal, your internal monitor starts to reset and that should help.   Taking photos of a room also makes it...
We do a membership a year and in theory will rotate between what ever looks good. Right now it is an art museum that is easy to get to and where we like to take our frequent out of town guests. Also right next to the big downtown full of kids stuff in the summer park.   Great use of present money, or to ask for as a present. Cost per visit usually makes it pay for it self pretty quickly.   I know several single moms who make a 'household" with another parent to...
I love sheets from LL Bean or Lands' End. Both have lasted well for me and I love the easy and total guarentee.
With my first we had 36 newborn diapers and that was way more than we need washing every other day ish. With my second, my first was still in diapers and I washed at least every other day and got away with much more like 18 newborn diapers.   One size diapers generally don't fit babies under 10 lb with some leg meat. Rumparooz 8lb.   Flats or prefolds and waterproof covers are the cheapest way to do the newborn stash.  They both line dry well (flats line dry...
I would be happier with the oldest two (or any two really) next to baby, rather than baby easier to reach, since they can tend to all the minor fussing, pacifier fell out etc.   Radians are super narrow, great seats and would really open up your options. And probably far cheaper than replacing you seats.   I am trying to do three across and the key fit seems to be the narrowest infant bucket seat.
The Combi Coccoro is also as narrow as the Radian (we have both) but the front to back footprint is tiny. It also has a great newborn cushion and fit Bee great. Fit my kids RF until past two (36 inches, 35 lb?). Super light weight so we love to travel with it. 
I just got back from the midwifes today and they offered me a new test I never thought about. I an Rh Negative and the Sequenom fetal DNA in mama's blood test can (not suprisingly) type babies blood. If the baby is negative  I can skip the pain in the ass (literally, insurance wise and logistically) shots. Apparently if you have insurance the max co-pay is $25, which is so worth it to me.
Midwife for me too today. My kids have a habit of hiding from the dopler until at least 12 weeks, so for the last two I had early ultrasounds to find them. With Bee the midwifes did an ultrasound guided dopplar and I forunatly put the directions down on the blog so I could tell the midwifes this time (they'd don't have an in office machine. For me it is strait down, than strait towards my toes. Both got it this time and it was lovely to hear that all is well.   Had...
The sick has found me. Not the flu, just enough cold to put me well over the edge. Bee poured a cup of water on me while I was lying on the could and I took me three hours to get up and put on a new shirt. Monkey was nice and brought me a towel eventually.
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