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Congratulations Tired. You win biggest baby by an oz.
Congratulations Emily and welcome bluebird. C had a nuchal hand on her face too. What is it with these third babies testing the limits.
I am up at 3:30 am so I figured I may as well start the new weekly. C is figuring out the days vs nights and slept most of yesterday. After five in the bed last night husband gated himself in the kids room tonight to get the kids to sleep in their own room/beds.
I broke out the lanolin and put it on a few times and now they are much better. She has her days and nights quite mixed so she had a great nap for most of the day with little nursing breaks.   We had a good quiet day. Nap in the morning together after a herb bath and baby massage. My mum, husband and kids all went to the pool in the afternoon. C and I had a quiet afternoon on the porch with a few visitors from church for a little while and some quiet catching on on...
And I just need to pee once, not again in five minutes.   I am also appreciating the lack of swelling down there.
We had chocolate stout with dinner and the birthday cake the kids baked with my mum. Oh so good. Also my nipples are killing me. Not sure if it is a shallow latch or just out of practice.
Catherine asleep in my arms by sunrise. I think my mother took this picture after I fell asleep too.   Bee meeting Catherine. She was super excited about baby, and has been giving her lots of love and keeps telling me what she is doing.   Monkey helping with the newborn exam. He was upset we would not take her downstairs and outside so he could show her everything. He still thinks Iggy is a better name.
We go grocery shopping at at Trader Joe's a few times a week, so they know me. My dad went this morning to pick up a few things and asked me what I wanted. Dark beer and pear cider. He could not find the pear cider and explained to the manager. They searched the whole store, found it was not going to be available until fall, so they send him home with a bouquet of sunflowers instead.
With two I had baby in the stroller and my two year old pushed the little cart. Or baby could be in the carrier. We do Trader Joes so it is small and fast. I think with three we will do more or less the same thing. Or the littles in the double. Nursing. On a bench, in a carrier, one handed while you push something.
Mum mm I can have beer. I put on my pj a few hours postpartum and then realized it as not been that easy in months. Even getting out of the birth tub, just moving was easier.
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