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With a little leg chunk, these would fit a 9 lb er. Oil based fabrics are more 'sticky' when it comes to detergent build up and creams staying stuck to them.
Most diaper services charge only a little more for more diapers. Plan on 10-12 a day for a newborn.    Also baby = poop on everything in time, so there will be poop in the washer. Cloth diapers and their real elastic in the back keep it in, where my experience of disposables was very leaky/explosive.   You will still need to wash your covers. I recommend 6 covers to start (4 minimum). I love Bummies Super Brites best of all, with the note their newborn is more a...
They have really been on a safe baby kick (today's front page was baby friendly hospitals).   Interesting article and happy my mattress was fine
We talked some more and he has taken the "I don't agree with you, but I love you and will support you" path, which is great. He will have more time off and is talking about coming out for three weeks so I have help when ever I need it. Also coming out in the spring so he can build me things without making a mess near birth time.
I consulted my HB midwife pre ttc with #3 (who is planned on being my first HB) to see if I liked her/the practice. It was free. It seems that doing the same would make things much clearer for you.   One of the things driving a HB for me is not getting in a car (or doing the triage/check in my hospital brith center requires).
I know my midwife offers it upfront as an option. I think your Ob is right about one thing, hers is not the right practice for you if you are treated like that.
My side bar is showing me all car seat ads. I have been trying to figure out how to get three kids across in a zip car and my neighbors mini van. Also I feel terrible tonight, but need to get the house clean for a playdate tomorrow lunch.
I saw my midwife at 6.5 weeks, mostly for a get to know you and answer all the preliminary questions (on both side) she did get a few heartbeats which was quite impressive. I go back next week (10.5 weeks) and scored an appointment when I will be able to go all alone, no kids to help her. My brother and his girlfriend decided to come visit us and are going to be here for two weeks next month, which is a huge visit. We do a lot of pintrest together and she suggested...
I love TurboTax. I use the online version. I feel it does a great job of explaining things, and prompting you to get everything entered and double checking for used errors. My husband is a corporate tax lawyer and he is good with it too (though he also prefers to read the IRS code). Really if you go to most pop up tax places, you are using pretty much the same software, but someone else does the typing. You don't pay until the end online, so nothing to loose by trying...
Clean them first, then disinfect them (it only works on the clean) You could do a bleach dip (diluted, probably 10 seconds) or spray with hydrogen peroxide. Sun would be great too.
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