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I agree that you need someone there to take care of them, even if it is just helping them get feed, bored, taking them home if they are wiped etc.   Photographer would be a great job. Video too.
I love Eliza. Ara is nice on its own with a traditionalish middle name as back up.   My husband was in law school when our first was born (and is now a lawyer) and we joked with law school friends about the supreme court justice test.
I keep hearing about Red Raspberry Leaf tea, but what is it for?
I am reading this thread http://www.mothering.com/community/t/438630/what-do-you-wish-you-would-have-known-beforehand and getting lots of ideas.   I just told husband to ask me any questions and I would get him answers, or he could just show up and do what he is told. He chose the latter and asked that I tell him if I spend more than $500 on any one item.   I love how support comes in different forms.
Stormikris, Are you a Canadian living 'down south" too?
Monkey and I checked out some of the pregnancy week by week sites since he as been asking to see what Iggy looks like. Watched all the development videos in Baby Center then he asked to see pictures of his own birth (very upset i had none where you could see him inside my tummy). Lots of questions about the umbillical cord.
GISDiva, I have been having good luck with skirts. I am wearing them a little higher, but they cover the bump and the waistband squishes it a little, without being uncomfortable.
I keep a few tools upstairs that I was always reaching for and the rest in the basement.   My musts. small hammer (mine is tiny, but perfect for hanging pictures etc) changable tip screwdriver. I almost never get the drill out. needle nose pilers tape measure   I also love my crash scissors for cutting almost everything, but they live in my kitchen.
I love my binder.  I don't use it for my daily lists, but for all the information/plans i need to have handy. It is great for when I am ordering something online or filling in forms. My binder is 1 1/2 inches with plastic clear pockets on the outside and more pockets inside.   It does have my calendar (monthly, decorated with washi tape), and my brain dump to do lists.   Reference. I keep all our important numbers (banking, ccs, health insurance...) and things...
I have seperate wipes for different things, but for function. My dish cloths have scrubby mesh backs. kids wipes are smaller, tea towels for drying, bag o'rags and box of big spill rags. Microfiber cloths for washing the table because they do a better job. They all go into the laundry under my sink and I wash them all together. On hot or sanitize.
New Posts  All Forums: