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I love the Wammies pail liners. Did you know the elastic strap on the side can be wrapped around the top of the bag like a hair elastic so you can roll the whole thing down the stairs.   We use a plastic trash can from Ikea and it is in a corner so you don't see it. They also fit in the Ikea metal can that is inexpensive (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10218923/). A similar size wicker basket would also work, something like a laundry hamper.   I did...
This is baby #3 for me and DH has been to hardly any. Possibly nothing but the big ultrasounds and the version with my first. Which really, I am fine with. I love him, but time off is a huge deal for him and really, they are not very exciting once you get used to them, for us at least.
As I understand it the MaterniT21 gives actual results (close to 100% percent accurate), not more accurate probabilities, so there is no need for invasive CVS or Amnios.   I skip the early tests and just do the 20 week everything and a kitchen sink ultrasound.
Nausea has me avoiding putting turkey stock in bags for the freezer, but otherwise I am keeping on keeping on. All the in-laws are here and are great with the kids.
For me, this is more how do I help him get comfortable being here (but not necessarily in the house) so I can have him here before and after.
We told my parents a few days ago about the new babe in the oven and our plan to have him/her at home.   My dad suggested the hospital route, come home the next day with baby as a good idea. "No muss, no fuss". I did this last time with Bee at the hospital birth center and while it was good, I think a HB will be better. Hospital still had a muss and fuss for me (damn 20 of monitoring in the tiny room)   It is not a safety thing, I think and he was born at home...
Prefolds are the most popular newborn diaper because they are so inexpensive. They are pretty easy to find used, but with shipping, try to find them locally. Fitteds, and AIOs and the odd newborn size pockets are a little easier to get on and the fitteds keep more poop off the cover.     You can easily do the same MWF wash schedule, just have enough diapers for the weekend, probably 30 prefolds and 6 covers.   Rumparooz one size start working around 8 lb and...
It is a great way to get nice newborn fitteds or AIOs with out the investment since they are used for such a little time for most babies.
Told all the family last night on skype with Bee in her big sister T-shirt. Everyone happy, but my dad does not like the idea of being here for a HB, he things go to the hospital, no muss, no fuss, come home the next day. But there was so much muss and fuss inherent in the hospital.   But he would be OK if he could take the kids out and not have to be around until I was tucked in bed with baby.
Bee was playing with me and gave me kiss on the nipples, but two weeks weaned and she has forgotten. The one sip she tried to take, it was like she was using a straw cup. On the other hand, she has started saying "hug you"
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