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Cute. DH finally gets to use Wigglesworth on this one, but I use Iggy.
That's ok, I love buying them from you at the garage sale
I was really glad to have a doula at my first hospital birth. She was great and really prepped me for what was happening next (induction + AROM + Nuban + internal monitor, but no epidural), and giving me lots of options that I liked (positions etc). The nurses knew her are were more hands off because they trusted her judgement to keep an eye on me. Everyone seemed to be on their better behavior because she was there.
Strip them! If you have the sanitize cycle on your washer, you can use that with no detergent on prefolds, but not covers (never on PUL or wool, very bad for elastic and snaps). Otherwise I like soaking them for two + hours in hot water and double the amount of detergent, then hot wash(s) with no detergent).   What is your wash routine?
This seems to be the theme in the August 2013 Due Date club.
For me, I would be comfortable, if the guns were properly locked up in a gun safe where the kids COULD NOT get to them, ammo locked seperately. I would talk about it ahead of time and check. I grew up with hunting rifles in a locked gun safe in the basement and it was never an issue. But I ask before we go to a playdate at someone's house.
On the pricier end, Tea, Zutano (fits wide), Mini Boden all have great girls but not overly girly stuff. Shopping selectivly I have had great luck with Old Navy and H&M. LL Bean and Land's End also have great things like T-shirt dresses. If you are in Canada, I love the clothes from Super Store (Joe). Carters and OshKosh are also good at girls styles in not pink.   Bee is 19 months and usually wears skinny jeans and a T-shirt, a T-shirt dress and tights, or...
I got the stuff for quilts. I decided I am tired of making neutral ones so I will make a girly and a boyish one. I need new covers for my change pad. Then I want to make a few fun newborn summer things for the first month/six weeks until fall.   I finally got my craft room really set up this spring and have been doing so much sewing etc. I started a board on pintrest (secret) of things to do for Iggy. This is also the first time we have had a nursery (Monkey came...
I am really worried about the summer part too. I hate the heat and already summers in Illinois are killing me. Particularly this last one (though getting the sprinkler out in March was fun). I have a huge collection of maternity clothes from the consignment sale I work (I buy anything that looks decent at the bag sale, Ikea bag worth of stuff for $5) but almost nothing summer. I think my plan is a chaise lounge in the back yard for the morning when we have shade and...
I was the youngest by a generation in my class, most of the others were old enough to be my grandmother, but it was fun chatting with them, and everyone was so friendly. I love my Y. It was a really great stretch and it made a huge difference in helping me sleep. I am trying to decide about signing up for January. I would have to change into my suit before preschool drop off though and hussle.
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