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How exciting! :) I followed the instructions.
I got mine too. Thanks everyone! :)
I forgot to mention, mine are coming in 2 separate envelopes, but they were both mailed by 9/12... I mailed 12 sets of beads out and felt accomplished, only to realize that I had spaced out and gotten the number of beads wrong! So I sent another set the next day :)
I had an anterior placenta for my first baby, and now again for this one. My first baby was posterior--we think.She ended up being born facing on her side rather than up or down, so the midwife thought she was in the process of turning to the front when she came out. I had a super painful labor and couldn't really feel any contractions because it was just constant pain the whole time. Sooo, I hope it was just coincidence that it was an anterior placenta and posterior...
We had the ultrasound, and managed to refrain from finding out the sex, so it's a surprise for us
I added my name!  I'm worried I might have deleted someone accidentally, though...is that possible? :(
I like a lot of these names! Freya's a great choice, and I'd consider Marilla Anne myself, if it didn't sound too much like DD's name, Meridian. My husband isn't too into name conversations, but I think we've decided on Beatrix for a girl...it's nice settling on a name we both like! But we struggle with boys' names...I kind of like Emrys, but at the same time can't really imagine using it. We have plenty of time to figure it out, I guess
Oh man Lidamama84, I'm feeling the exact same way! I think for me, I'm feeling so cruddy this pregnancy, and I'm having to chase around a toddler, so I'm just constantly feeling overwhelmed--like, "How am I supposed to take care of 2 of these?!" I guess I have to remember that this too shall pass, and the excitement will return once I feel better :)     That's a nice bump, KaliShanti!  I'm 9 weeks 5 days, and I'm showing and feeling flutters too :)   I scheduled...
I'm due Dec 3 by LMP, but I'm guessing Dec 13, girl :)
Hi everyone! I've had fun reading all the introductions, so I better add mine, although I'm generally the lurker type :p   My name is Jamie, and I'm due with this baby sometime around December 3. I'm bracing myself for a long hibernation after the birth, since it'll be so cold :p My husband and I have lived in Montreal for the past 4 years, although we're both originally from Texas. We had our now 2-year old daughter at a birthing center in Montreal, so we're...
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