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Any one know of homebirth midwives in Eastern Idaho, Driggs/Victor area? TIA. 
Okay, I'm sure this question has been asked a hundred times, but here we go. My DD has been eating significant amounts of solid food for about 2 or 3 months now, needless to say her diapers have gotten much more gross to deal with and I'm curious how other families wash prefolds with icky semi solid baby poop all over them. Especially problematic are the foods that don't really get digested like raisins, beans, corn, etc. I've tried wiping the dipes off with tp which...
Here is how I dealt with my daughter's very persistent yeast diaper rash in cloth diapers: change diapers often, offer diaper free time, every time you change a diaper put coconut oil all over the rash, a few times a day sprinkle baby specific probiotic powder over the coconut oil on the rash, cut down on sugars including fruit sugars (do this yourself as well if you bf.) Coconut oil is naturally antifungal and this cleared up my daughters rash in about a week. Oh, you...
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My suggestion is to call one of the birth centers in town. Alma or Andaluz. I know that they often have new mom's and babes in need of milk.
My daughter got really chapped on her chin from the mixture of drool and cold dry air when we were visiting my parents in Chicago for the holidays. I used California Baby calendula cream and it worked great. I found it best to apply right before a nap b/c then it would stay on for awhile and have a chance to soak in, since she wasn't drooling while she slept. It was pretty expensive ($13) but we use it all the time and the jar is still half full 3 months later.
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I also prefer semi low cut tops, the nursing bras I love are the Target brand w/o underwire. They are truly inexpensive, which I love b/c I can't afford a $60 bra, much less several of them. I've had 2 for almost a year now and they get worn daily and are still in great shape (I don't wash my bras super often)
My 6 month old has had an unrelenting cough and nasal congestion for over a month. She's been to the ped twice who says everything is fine; she just has a bug. She also has a diaper rash that is unresponsive to creams and naked time. I'm almost positive the rash is yeast related and I'm wondering if her other symptoms could be too. Oh also for the last few days she's been less interested in nursing than normal, almost "spitting out" my breast (no oral thrush...
I flew alone with my dd when she was 6 wks, which is surely easier than 5 months, we have a flight planned when when she is 4.5 months as well so I'm curious about what others have to say, here is what I found helpful: ~ wear your baby, and bring a stroller to push around your luggage (you can gate check strollers for free) ~ I wouldn't bother buying an extra seat for baby; however, you can bring your carseat to the gate (click it in the stroller if you can) and if...
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