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I have read that corn syrup is a greater botulism risk than honey, yet baby formula is chuck full of corn syrup and so is everything else and no one would dare say to restrict corn syrup to babies under 12months. I think it is a matter of corporate interests.
I would say HVCLO worked in our house.
we go through about a half gallon of honey a month. Honey is antibacterial and antiviral in its raw unfiltered state. We always use fingers and double dip our spoons never had a problem. Maybe we eat it too fast?
I am going to put a tarp weighed down by 2x4s over half the tractor during the day. This would be their only living quarters. I got the idea of having a tarp that would go over the entire enclosure for night time, so I think I will incorporate that into my design. I think this would cut down on predation. Anyone disagree?
http://www.al.com/images/chickens/Portable.jpg the bottom one is the one I want to build. Do you think because it has the stronger wire beneath the chicken wire that that would keep small predators out any better? I don't think I have raccoons here, but I have heard that skunks are a problem.
I have no fence around my yard. Does this preclude me from keeping a chicken tractor? Will the built in fence of the chicken tractor itself protect the chickens from wandering dogs and coyotes? Would predators be smart enough, and strong enough, to tip it up to get to the chickens? Anyone have a problem with hungry stray cats trying to get at their chickens? How about wandering cows trying to steal chicken grain?
have you tried eggs fried over easy in lard? you might decide you like plain eggs! : I fry them like that with salt and pepper and eat them over rice with kimchi. You can also crack a raw egg on top of hot soup. This is especially good with a spicy Korean soup. All of my other ideas have already been mentioned. I love custards and frittatas.
when I have them I eat 4-8 eggs a day! no wonder I run out so often I even do this with conventional eggs, because I cant afford other eggs. I posted on here previously about it and people seemed to agree that it is still a whole food even if it is conventional it is probably beneficial. I am getting some good homegrown eggs from my neighbor in trade now, so that is great! *off to eat some eggs*
dh chewed meat for ds. I think it a natural and good thing to chew meat for little ones to eat, because of the saliva starting to break the food down. Chewing the bite also lets you know if it is a good bit too. Sometimes you might cut a small piece of steak and not know it has some ligament or gristle in it until you try to chew it which would have made it hard for the kid to deal with. It was dh's job to chew the meat so I had more time to actually eat! I am sure he...
the calcium in pasteurized milk cant be used by the body so I don't consider it a source of calcium. The synthetic vitamins added are a huge issue for me. When I couldn't get raw milk for a while I used a mix of yogurt and water as a replacement. I wouldn't buy fake milks personally. If you have access to the raw milk and can freeze it, I agree that would be a great solution. I plan to freeze milk for winter use when my does wont be producing.
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