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I started two sourdough starters last week. I wanted to do the organic grape starter, but I couldn't find any organic grapes in local stores. So I made up some flour and water to catch wild yeasts. Then to hedge my bets I made another starter with a can of Guinness instead of water. The Guinness starter was active really quickly, and I just made two loaves with it yesterday. They are very very tasty! The thing about the Guinness brewers yeast is that it is bottom brewing,...
I made some really good ice "cream" lately, by using some frozen berries (rasberry, marion berry and blueberries) and a block of softer tofu, some honey, some strawberry juice and some shiraz wine. I put all of the ingredients in the blender then I put them in my ice cream maker. It turned out really creamy and tasty. I would have been fine without the wine too.
I want to try a diva cup or a keeper, right now I use Instead, which I guess is kind of like a big diaphram, it is a clear medical grade plastic cup with a firm ring around it that you put in so it rings around your cervix. They are disposable, and that is why I want to go to a diva cup or something like that. But it seems like the two work very differently, since the opening of the cup is facing a different direction? Maybe Instead is a good option for women who don't...
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