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there is a meat based, dairy free formula for infants in NT.
that always makes me angry that there is that article on there from mary enig refuting homogenization and heart disease and sally fallon continually says homogenization is linked to heart disease.
I like to use turkey fat to make gravy with turkey stock. I've also put some in a casserole than had rice in it to keep it moist and flavorful too.
how does it smell? If it smells good, use it. If it smells foul, by all means throw it out!
whoMe, calf liver is so much easier for me to get. I will have to try that recipe! I am very drawn to the bacon in it :
Mellifluousmama, wow, I didn't know the butter oil wasn't enough in the theraputics. that is what I have been giving ds, whose front 4 teeth have almost rotted completely away. How much butter oil and HVCLO do you give to your kids?
I have a WIC recipe to share. I used pretty much everything I get, so I thought someone else might be interested. I found it super delicious and hearty. I soaked a bag of beans, then put them in the crockpot with half a bottle of tomato juice, pepper, salt, hotsauce, chilli powder, cummin, corriander, oregano, and about 5 tbs bacon grease. You could add any fat, or skip it. I ate it in the morning with fried eggs, grated colby jack cheese and a slice of homemade...
I just got something similar at my farmers market, but it had dates in it, no agave. the raw walnuts in it made dh's throat burn though, he can only eat "crispy walnuts" It was really delicious and had lots of cocoa butter in it so I figured it was healthy It was so rich, and expensive, we only ate a small slice of it at a time. So I don't think ds's behavior was any different after consumption. It also had wild crafted mesquite meal in it, which would probably also be...
if I cook something like burgers where there is fat left in the pan, I just leave it there for dh to cook his eggs in the next morning. He likes it, hehe
I always just leave the ground beef fat in whatever I am cooking. I only strained it off when I thought fat was bad.
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