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Eesh, that sucks. I think I would probably call again and ask specifically about interviewing the ped. Also, ask what their policy is if the hospital wants the ped to see the baby while still checked in (even if you're not planning a hospital birth). That is what my hospital required.   I did find my ped here on MDC. I asked in the local tribes forum and got the same recommendation from multiple folks crunchier than I, so she sounded great. And I adore her so very...
I think it will be variable, for sure. I wanted to find out because I didn't want to be confronted with all of these overwhelming feelings and half-formed subconscious thoughts that I have now AND have a  brand new baby and a toddler to parent. I want the next few months to come to terms with everything.
I'm not worried about what people think is right for boys and what is right for girls, personally. That's not my concern. But my degree work in early child development and my experience since becoming a parent with everyone else's kids (and I have LOTS of very AP friends who parent in very similar ways to me) shows me that there are things that are different between girls and boys. I know that a) a boy of mine might not exhibit some of the traits that I find hard with...
A large part of my emotional state is letting go of the dreams of sisters close in age and close, period (which is what I have with my sister). So I can totally understand how you felt seeing that family, because it's where I am, too. 
Cecilia is pretty much always naked. Then again, so was I as a kid, and I am pretty sure we both have some sensory input issues. I don't care. It just means that she uses the potty most of the time and sometimes misses, but it's no big deal.
I both agree and disagree with babies not having a gender. There are some things that I am pretty convinced are physiological, but many others that are taught.
And you might not even find the cosleeper useful, at least not at first! 
The bottom line to me is, get what you consider to be the bare minimum, and know that you can always get things as a one-off if needed later. I went to the hospital with a little outfit (which ended up being way too big because Cecilia is itty-bitty), a Boppy, some cloth diapers and a carseat. That worked pretty well for me. At home we had lots of clothes, thanks to generous friends and family, a changing table/dresser combo from IKEA, more diapers and cloth wipes (and...
  That's odd, the tabs on mine have always worked like a charm. I've never had issues with them coming out of the dryer in a big wad or sticking to other clothes. And if any gunk gets in the Velcro, I've found a Snappi cleans it off really well.
  Sheaffer, this is your spotlight thread!  People can ask you questions, and you can answer (or not, your choice). Or you can just share if you want to. It's up to you!   To get the ball rolling, here are a few starter questions!   Backstory! Tell us about you, where you came from, how you got to where you are now.  What are you craving right now? If someone handed you $1000, no strings attached, what would you do with it? What's your...
New Posts  All Forums: