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The secret's out, our baby is a boy. 
  Blue Filling. 
I can't remember breakfast, lunch was some leftover chicken and rice pilaf/green beans mix. Dinner was corned beef, which I cooked in apple cider, veggies and crash hot potatoes. Yummy!
It sucked, to be frank. He really wanted to feel Cecilia kicking, and she stopped every time he put his hand on me. It was awesome for him when he finally did feel her, though.
You know what my vote would be! 
Sorry to threadhijack (given that I can't homebirth) but I get an involuntary shudder when I see the word "birthers" anywhere. 
Hahaha, no Doritos taco, just some nachos and chalupas. 
Mine seems to be high and softish (like not hard but not dilated), high enough that I could hardly reach it. So maybe the same for me!
  That's the problem I have with the Pikkolo for any baby over 6 months-- Cecilia is tiny, and was in 3-6 month stuff at 9 months when I tried a back carry in the Pikkolo. It was and is, however, awesome for front carries.    
Haven't had any BHs yet this pregnancy, but my cervix has been absolutely ridiculous today. It has been one zinger after another. I hope I'm not dilating already!
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