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In some ways, I am always like this. I have learned over the years that, whether pregnant or not, it's in my best interest to eat a little bit every couple of hours. Later in pregnancy that becomes every hour. Seriously. It's not a lot a food; it's as much as a "normal" person would eat in a day, but broken up differently. For example, I'll have some cheese. Then an hour later, a handful of nuts. Then maybe some fruit. Then some veggies. Then some more protein. And so...
Most, while not all, of the women I know who gained more than 30 lbs during pregnancy also found that it was a lot easier to lose that weight than it was to lose weight gained outside of pregnancy, so keep that in mind, too!
The Radians we have come with a foot that has to be attached for rear facing that puts the seat at an angle for head support. It also has a head support cushion that is removable when the baby is older. When you have a rear-facing toddler like me, you can get a $10 angle adjustor that puts the seat more upright (because you still need to use that foot for rear facing, even if the kid is older and can be more upright).
Wish I could "like" this post six or seven times!
It's my understanding that there has never been a recorded case of a broken leg from a rear-facing child getting into an accident. And even if there had been, like you, I would vastly prefer a broken leg over a broken neck. To me, that's a pretty ridiculous argument, Their necks are NOT stronger and can NOT handle an accident better.
I have a Pikkolo too, and while I loved it at first, as Cecilia got bigger (which is not very big in her case, given that she is almost 2 and still wears 12-18 month sized stuff), it became clear that the body of the Pikkolo was too short for a back carry that made me feel safe-- she could lean back way too far when she was on my back in it. That's when we got the Gemini. I still love the Pikkolo for front carries and for smaller babes, though, and I will probably keep...
Don't let my small weight gain make you feel like you're gaining too much, anyone! First of all, genetically, women in my family don't gain much during pregnancy. My mom didn't with any of her three, my sister didn't with her two, I didn't last time, etc. Secondly, I was overweight to begin with, so only gaining a small amount is really advised for me.
We have two Radians side by side in our car, and I am thrilled to go without a bucket this time. It was so obnoxious and awkward for me to lug it last time. We don't have a double stroller and I'm not planning on getting one. Cecilia actually enjoys riding in our stroller, so I figure I can wear the baby and push her in the stroller if need be, or wear baby and have her in shopping cart, or wear baby and have her walking, etc.
Yes ma'am! I will let everyone know after the party this weekend. 
  As it turns out, I am measuring spot on. This boggles my mind, given how much I resemble the Proud Mary.
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