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That's how we've done our casual EC since Cece was about 4 months old. After any sleep she went on the potty, and now, even though we're not pushing potty training at all, she loves to strip herself and hang out on the potty for a good 20 minutes every morning when she wakes up. The potty is just in the living room, so she gets books and games and sits on the potty herself.
Thank you!!! It's a family name on my husband's side, and since thinking of it about a month ago, it's ALL I could think of if we were having a boy. Once we had our ultrasound, I've felt he was Devlin 100%. It took a bit to convince my husband it's a good first name (he liked it better for a middle name) but he's on board now. 
I'm thrilled that we have settled on Devlin for our baby boy (I call him Dev, DevDev and once, the Devlinator when he was kicking particularly hard ). We're still working on a middle name. The part that's hard about that is that most of our favorite choices end in n, and with Devlin ending in n and there being two n's in our last name, it's just too much. So, we'll see what happens!   edit: v v v Archer is one of our short list middle names! 
Regarding who will be there-- last time, my delivery room was packed with people. Beside my husband, my parents, my husband's parents, my sister, and then sometimes his sister and her husband and my brother and his wife were all there. So. Many. People. And, to be honest, I didn't mind it because I was excited to share such a monumental occasion. This time, I think it will be different, because there will be people splitting Cecilia-watching duties. But I don't mind...
I've got a crappy upper respiratory thing going on here. Cecilia is just getting over it and now it's knocked me on my ass. I don't want to do anything. Ugh.   I'm 21 weeks tomorrow. For Cecilia, that meant 17 more weeks of pregnancy. Guess we'll see this time!   Sallyrae17, I am having the same issue. With Cece's pregnancy, I wanted plain, comforting foods like eggs, potatoes, cheese, etc. Baby Brother apparently wants Taco Bell, junk food and red sauce foods....
Most ECers are pretty adamant that EC does not equal PL/PT. I'm not deep enough in my research of it to be able to tell you why, but they are very vocal on that.
Like Aidan, probably. I suppose it could be Eye-din, too, but my mind automatically thinks more like Aidan.
I LOVE my gauze wrap, I have to say. Awesome for summer, and I can still wear 23 lb Cece in it. So it can get you pretty good mileage. I wasn't able to get gauze at as good a price as buying a wrap from this lady, though. But that was a few years ago and may not be the case still.  
Definitely the method I prefer (and am doing), but I know not everyone agrees with it.   
Just announce that it's potty time and take them in. Pretty sure my sister gave a couple of minutes warning each time, too, to prepare them. She always used the potty ring on the big toilet style ones that required being in the actual bathroom, but I imagine that the free-standing ones would work fine too.
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