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Yup, that sounds right. 
Oh and I forgot-- if you have people who are willing, you can always ask them to chip in together on something. A few people chipping in can totally lead to the bigger ticket items!
I didn't think so either, but someone DID buy us the whole Chicco Keyfit travel system (bucket seat and stroller combo), so you never know! 
May as well offer, and see if you guys can bargain! With the covers, $100 is probably pretty fair, but if you can get it for less, even better. 
Very little. Cece is feeling poopy and she has been on me all day. We shared a grilled cheese and a smoothie for breakfast.
That sort of deliberate feeling was my first clue when I was pregnant with Cecilia that it was actually movement and not gas or whatever. Awesome!!
I've been drooling like crazy over the new rainbow Girasol wraps that are exclusive to PAXbaby, especially this one. I so, so, so wish I could afford one.
I never refused cervical exams (I sort of liked knowing where I was, because I knew that there were other factors involved with labor and knew that dilation was only a part of it, so I liked to hear where I was dilation-wise and weigh it against the other stuff going on. Plus my OB was super gentle and never pushed stripping membranes or anything), but I have refused other things. I agree, you just sort of have to be firm about it. In Bradley class, we learned about a...
I've heard about doing the gel version for prevention, but so far the dry seeds are working so well for me that I don't want to change it! 
We totally set up a gmail account for Cece like that...and never used it. 
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