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I have heard that the Butterfly II is leagues better than the original Butterfly. And I can say for sure that my pipsqueak still has not outgrown the Gemini (in height or weight-- she's around 31" and 23 lbs), that's for sure.
Some of the fabric from the Babyville collection is really really cute too!
A lot of times, the baby seems to be lulled to sleep when we're active during the day, and when we settle down at night, that's when the baby comes out to play! That's been my experience both pregnancies and I hear it a lot from other people. It makes me wonder if that's also part of why the baby's internal clock is usually set to "sleep all day, up all night" when they come out, too.
From Beco's website:     There are several differences between the two. Here is a short list.    Butterfly 2:   Separate hood (attaches with snaps) that protects even taller babies from sun, wind, rain or just gives a little privacy for a nap  Removable infant insert, which can be used for even premature babies and on up to about 15 lbs  Internal y-shaped panel that goes between baby and wearer. This creates a nice seat for baby to sit in, allows...
Oh good, then he can also help with the maintenance!!    Also, if you have a balcony or sunny open window space, you can do some space saving and money saving air drying! The sun is AMAZING for bleaching out stains without leeching all the color out, too (well, over time the color can fade, but not quickly).
I love your cut so much!!
I generally sprayed them anyway, because I could then throw them in the pail with her regular clothes and have no worries. Never had any stain issues on her clothes. So yes, I think it's doable with a diaper sprayer, as long as you're willing to lug them!
  You know Ninetales and I have been there, are there now...so if it is a boy, we can all work together. 
Here's yesterday's 20 weeks along shot. So huge!  
  What movies have you seen lately that you really enjoyed? Have you ever spent time as a vegetarian/vegan? What is your #1 hot topic and why? What kind of car do you drive and do you love it or hate it (or are you ambivalent about it)? What is your favorite TV show of all time? If you had to choose one childhood toy you adored, what would it be?
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