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Regarding the 30 vs. 35, my own experience is that most babies outgrow the bucket seat in height before they reach its weight limit, so it might not even be that big of a deal to get the 30 instead of the 35. But that's just what I've seen around me!
I love the outfits you wear in your belly shots!!    
We have a TV in the living room with satellite service. Cecilia is allowed to watch 1-2 shows a day at the max, and they are all commercial free (I HATE commercials with kids' shows. I really, really, really do). Her current favorites are her beloved Baby Signing Time, which even though she speaks full sentences she still adores, and Sid the Science Kid. I am happy with the amount she watches. She's also not the kind of kid who veges out in front of the TV; she plays...
Just as a point of reference, here is a picture of a girl on ultrasound that I just found on Google. You can clearly see the 3 distinct lines I was talking about.  
I say boy; on an ultrasound, a girl's vulva looks like 3 white lines.
Sure! We have both a Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL, which is the "older" version (it's still not old, we got it last year), and a Diono Radian RXT, which is the new version. They are physically the same size from front to back, though the new one is slightly taller-- which makes sense, because the old one is rated from 5-80 lbs and the new one from 5-120. The car that these seats are installed in is a 2009 Chevy HHR. It has a higher roof than most cars but is not any bigger...
Yup. And I refuse to get rid of Cecilia's clothes. I am still going to hold out hope that we have another girl later.  
Keeping in mind that Cecilia didn't hit 15 lbs until much older than most babies (she was over 6 months), my absolute favorite for that range was Fuzzi Bunz sized diapers in size small. I can't wait to bust out with those again!!
I don't mean to keep harping on the Radian, but it does grow well with your child, because it has a tall shell.
New Posts  All Forums: