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Great news!
My family would not understand a blessingway at all. I'm strange enough to them as it is, lol. And that's not really what I want, anyways. I guess I would make a registry and all, with newborn this-and-thats, but I'm worried that people will think that the sole reason for a shower now, after so many kids, is that i want gifts. I just am exited about our surprise #4
With my first three, I was soooo antisocial and had no baby showers. With THIS baby, i really want one! I don't really need anything, so it's not to ask people to get us things, I just want to celebrate this baby Does anyone have any similar experience?
I never changed my caffeine intake with pregnancies #2 and #3, but this pregnancy, caffeine makes me sick! I say give it a try.
I'm sure plenty of women will get offended by the way he generalized some things (like men don't know how to furnish a house) but I see the humor in those kinds of statements and can look past it. I liked the article. I like husbands who acknowledge that being a SAHM is incredibly difficult and soul draining, but also completely rewarding. It was a nice, positive read.
I make this delicious tea that always shortens my colds: Tsp of raw honey A squeeze of lemon juice, like half a lemons worth A shake or two (a pinch? Lol) of cayenne pepper Hot water It tastes delicious and feels amazing doing down an itchy throat. It also usually gets my nose unclogged. My son usually just gets raw honey with a splash of lemon in warm water, but he is only 4. Hope you get over this quickly!
I would think if there would be a lot of car seat time, then a convertible would be best, since not all babies are comfy in the infant seat. Just to reduce on possible car-crying time.
Oh no, I'm sorry
Sorry about the crazy photoshopping that I did, but my catch all room was a mess and that's my only full length mirror. 11 weeks, 5 days. I also just ate two huge burritos. Tired today.
I feel mine at almost 12 weeks. I know it's crazy, and being on baby #4 I should be used to it, but I feel like It's going to pop if i keep pushing on it lol.
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