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Hello! I am new to this group, please add me Aug 3
I always think about how I am soooo dependent on my husband. We have health insurance, but midwives aren't covered and my husband almost had a heart attack when i told him we WILL be having a midwife, so that means out of pocket. But I have discovered a love of selling vintage clothing/items online and that is helping to soften the blow of the midwife fee.
Sorry for not posting sooner, but yes, these did find a home :)
fayebond, the previous person passed. Message me!
Hi fayebond, I just logged on right now, it seems someone has sent a PM before you. Out of fairness, I will go through that person first. If they pass, you will be next. I will post what happens! Thanks for the interest! 
I have three small wool covers, one is very tiny, newborn or preemie I don't know. One is very soft and possibly has another fiber knit in. Great condition. Message me your zip so can calculate shipping
Thanks for all the replies.    I was supposed to see her a few days ago, she wanted me to pick up the pump I let her borrow, but I totally forgot and stood her up (by complete accident.) I've only texted her once since then. I'm sure she is doing fine, she was able to leave the baby with her boyfriend for a little bit and get some fresh air. I kept assuring her (earlier) that our first baby is so overwhelming, that whatever she chooses, her baby will still have a...
Bolding mine, and I pretty much bolded your whole reply lol. This was all very helpful. I feel like she just doesn't want to do it, but I don't want her thinking that she "couldn't do it." Actually, that is exactly my problem. I want her to know that she is *choosing* to not breastfeed and I want her to be confident in her choice. Tall order, I know.
I have told her this and she has not dropped it. She formula feeds for a day and then says it gives the baby tummy troubles, and then feels guilty because she knows her breast milk doesn't give him tummy troubles. So then we go on the cycle again. 
Well obviously. I want her to do what she wants, but she keeps changing her mind and I don't know how to support her! I feel funny agreeing with one thing, and then another, and then another, and then doing it all over again.  I really don't disapprove of formula. I was formula fed, my first son had some. We are all healthy. I eventually EPed my son, so I don't have that mindset of "you have to be on the breast to get all those bonding moments, eye contact, blah blah."...
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