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I will watch almost anything on HGTV and Food Network.     The only show that I actually remember what day it comes on is New Girl, but the new season hasn't started...   My dh and I love American Pickers and American Restoration. Even Pawn Stars.
I totally do the same thing in the morning - only the boys watch half an hour of TV.  A full hour brings out the craziness in them, so I never do that!  I also try to get some yoga in as soon as my coffee/computer break is over.   One time, I made myself a note at the sink saying, "Don't do the dishes! Play with your babies!!" and it worked :)  But, that note is long gone, and I mess up quite often...
We call that the "Fuchi Face" (like, stinky face lol)
Yes!   I get horribly jealous, but not necessarily over the "getting out to eat" part, more of the "not having to plan food" part.  He just eats whatever he feels like eating for lunch.  I, on the other hand, eat whatever I can scarf down in a couple minutes.    We have a 3 yr old, almost 2 yr old, and 3 month old.  Eating out for us is NO FUN either.    I would be super annoyed about the sushi thing, though.  He can take a friend out, but can't find a way to...
I was just going to suggest the same thing as ^PP.    You want to know how I do yoga? In the middle of the living room, with the baby on the floor (3 months) a toddler running circles around me like crazy, and a preschooler moping around, and complaining. Generally a cartoon is also on in the background (because I need my coffee in the morning, and it only takes me ten minutes to drink that.  A cartoon is usually 30 minutes. Which gives me 20 minutes of non-perfect...
We have gone to Dr. Karaba for an array of problems.     He is a gift to the world, and he is totally fine with no vaccines.    He has two offices, one in Costa Mesa, the other in Fullerton.  I *think* the Costa Mesa number is 949-873-5886.  The reason I say that I *think* that's what it is, is because I go to the Fullerton office, but under my contacts is says Costa Mesa   Anyways, if it's the wrong number, I'm sure they can give you the correct one :)
I am close to the Inland Empire - Covina! 
I missed it! :(    Tillymonster, I am in Covina,  - I feel like I never find anyone on MDC in my area.
This I totally agree with.  It's like they get bored with all the cute and fluffy newness of a baby, and are ready for the baby to "play."  And then they wonder why mama gets mad when they've tried to pick her up from the couch and drop her straight to the floor. 
Go for it!!!    I have been dreaming of a similarly place tattoo for years and I am not going to let my future career as a lactation consultant or doula stop me.  I won't be working for at least another ten or more years, and I can't imagine holding off on this tattoo for that just just because I *might* go back to work.    DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!  
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